Two for Tuesday: Allen Groves

by Charlottesville29


Note: This post is part of our guest series, The Corner, by digital media students at The University of Virginia.  Today’s student contributor is Ali Donaldson.

Tuesdays during The Corner series feature two favorite Corner food items selected by a different University figure each week. First up is Allen Groves, Dean of Students at the University of Virginia, a graduate of the UVa School of Law, and Guiness world record holder for most high fives in an hour. Dean Groves’ picks:

1) The Rachel and a side of Stumble Down Mac ‘N Cheese at The Virginian. “The Virginian is one of the few restaurants on The Corner that was around when I was a student. They have a special on Wednesdays called ‘The Rachel’ which is essentially a turkey Reuben. But, anytime I go in there, I ask them for the Rachel even if it’s not a Wednesday, and they’ll make it for me. The Virginian is also known for their side dish mac and cheese, which is a wonderful little pot that has macaroni and cheese and on top of it a spicy potato cake. So you put that combination together, and it’s incredible.”

2) Fried Egg and Cheese Sandwich with Grits at The Pigeon Hole. “I’ve been there now three times with students. It’s incredible. The grits are really good, not that soupy kind – real grits.”