Bodo’s Introduces “Cakes”

by Charlottesville29

cakes closeup1

Bodo’s Bagels rarely makes big changes.  Why mess with success when you are Charlottesville’s signature restaurant, feeding nearly 6,000 people per day?  But, that’s not to say that Bodo’s rests on its laurels.  In fact, Bodo’s is constantly improving.  It’s just that the improvements are often so subtle that they go unnoticed – tweaks to the coffee, a new ham, etc.

Today then counts as a big day for Bodo’s, and therefore for Charlottesville food.  Bodo’s has introduced its first ever baked dessert, a riff on bouchons called simply Cakes. “We wanted to develop something very small and unique to our market,” said Bodo’s co-owner Scott Smith, “to satisfy the dessert urge without crowding out the meal.”

In the past, experienced bakers told Bodo’s owners that it can’t be done.  “You can’t bake a cake at the 500 degree temperature that bagels require,” they said.  But, after lots of tinkering and persistence, Bodo’s did it.  And, they didn’t cut any corners, finding just the right balance of ingredients from Valrhona, Barry Callebaut, and Van Leer.  A steal at just $1.25, Cakes are an inexpensive little piece of decadence, destined to be a sensation. (Preston Ave. location only for now.)