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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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#5: Fried Chicken Sandwich – The Fitzroy


The Fried Chicken Sandwich

When an expert panel of chefs, historians, and others once convened to determine Charlottesville’s signature dish, the fried chicken sandwich received strong consideration. Fried chicken has a long history in the region, and sandwiches of it are all over Charlottesville. It’s one of the deepest sandwich categories in town.

Among a stellar lot, the most crave-inducing comes from the The Fitzroy. The difference is in the details. First, boneless chicken thighs receive a soak in a honey-dill brine. Rinse and drain thoroughly before another soak, this time in buttermilk, for several hours. Next comes a dredging in flour and spices and then, finally, they are fried. The finished thighs are placed atop a brioche bun with sliced pickles. The final twist is the addition of lemon to the cayenne-spiked aioli that gets smeared on the bun. The touch of acid works, and may be the difference-maker that has turned this into an industry favorite, drawing those who discover it back to The Fitzroy just to get their fix.

#5: Fried Chicken Sandwich – The Fitzroy
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches

Others of Note: Ol’ Dirty Biscuit at Ace Biscuit & Barbecue, Fried Chicken Sandwich at Bizou, Shack Style Chicken Sandwich at Taste Shack (GFA), The Mother Clucker at Multiverse Kitchens. Vegetarian Alternatives: Crispy Artichoke Sandwich at Belle, Oyster Mushroom Sandwich at Multiverse Kitchens

#17: Grilled Pork Shoulder – Little Star

The Pork Sandwich

There’s something about pork sandwiches that causes people to, well, pig out. Often a pork sandwich involves not just one pig product, but several. The Italian, for example, piles pork products high. The Heaven, at BBQ Exchange, likewise fits pulled pork, sticky love bacon, and baconaisse all on a bun.

At Little Star, chef Reggie Calhoun pursues this piggie practice with his Grilled Pork Shoulder Sandwich. One might think that grilled pork shoulder, white cheddar, house pickles and dijonaisse would be plenty to stuff between a sesame seed brioche bun. But, there’s always room for more pork, so Calhoun finishes his delicious sandwich with a few slices of salami. Worth the piggery.


#17: Grilled Pork Shoulder Sandwich – Little Star
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches

Others of Note: Dave’s Roast Pork at Chickadee, The Squeal at Kitchen(ette). Vegetarian Alternative: Grilled Broccolini and Mozz at The Fitzroy

Five Finds on Friday: Alicia Simmons


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Alicia Simmons, sous chef of Tavola, which has just enhanced its already-stellar pasta dishes by switching to house-made linguine, bucatini, and pappardelle. Check it out at their Eat Well, Do Good fundraisers, each month in Tavola’s Cicchetti bar, where you can enjoy platters of bucatini and meatballs with proceeds going to charity. Follow along on Tavola’s Facebook page for details and dates. Simmons’ picks:

1) Fried Chicken Sandwich at The Fitzroy. “Charlottesville has no shortage of good fried chicken, but this sandwich is a stand-out. The chicken is always perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, but the lemon cayenne aioli really takes this sandwich to the next level. It has the perfect amount of kick to it without being overbearing.”

2) Salted Dark Chocolate Sorbet at Brasserie Saison. “If I’m on the downtown mall, I always try to stop into Brasserie to try whatever flavor of gelato or sorbet is on special. There is always a new and inventive flavor I want to try. That being said, I love the salted dark chocolate sorbet in particular. As a chocolate lover, I really appreciate when a kitchen can take what seems to be a simple concept but then perfectly executes it—in this case, chocolate sorbet that is silky, rich, and balanced with the hint of salt at the end.”

3) Fried Catfish at Oakhart Social. “I love Nashville, and the Nashville hot sauce on this dish brings me straight back to one of my favorite cities. There’s nothing like perfectly fried catfish that melts in your mouth. This dish has a great amount of heat that is balanced with the napa cabbage and apple salad—not to mention the addition of pimento cheese, one of my favorite Southern classics.”

4) Wings at Doma. “I can’t choose just one flavor. I usually go for both the Korean Hot and the Sweet Chili. One of the things I love about these wings is that they’re just as good on the go as they are when you’re dining in. They’re definitely one of my cravings on a busy work day when I don’t have time to cook (for myself!).”

5) House Gin and Tonic at Tavola’s Cicchetti Bar. “I always look forward to the Cicchetti Bar’s Gin and Tonic at the end of a long shift. The house made tonic is packed with citrus, so it almost feels like I’m drinking something healthy. The way they add a little vermouth to the mix really smooths out the bite that’s usually associated with gin. This drink is a must have for summer nights.”

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