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Five Finds on Friday: Ben Clore


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Ben Clore, co-owner of Oakhart Social.  On Sunday April 24, Oakhart Social’s chef and co-owner Tristan Wraight will join Matt Greene of JM Stock Provisions at Blenheim Vineyards for a special guest chef dinner as part of  the vineyard’s The Library Series.  Under the tented event space of Blenheim Farm, guests will enjoy a five course family-style meal paired with library wines from Blenheim’s cellar.  Tickets and info here.  Clore’s picks:

1) Pork Spring Rolls at Bang!  “Crispy, fried, salty bites of porky deliciousness with a great vinegary dipping sauce that counterbalances the fat and salt perfectly. (Pro tip- Bang is a great place to take kids.  Food comes out fast and if junior doesn’t like one thing just keep ordering!)”

2) Shrimp and Grits at Maya.  “Local stone ground grits and an amazing smoked tomato gravy make me so happy every time I order them.”

3) Aspen Ridge Farm Hamburger at Orzo.  (Lunch only.)  “House pickles and the rosemary aioli are a great compliment to some really flavorful farm-raised beef.”

4) Finocchio Arrosto con Aranci (roasted fennel, oranges and basil) at Tavola. “I think this has been on their menu from the start and it’s clear why.  Super simple flavors and great execution make it a dish that’s more than the sum of its parts.”

5) Guay Tiew Ruea (Boat Noodle Soup) at Thai Cuisine and Noodle House.  “I’m a sucker for anything broth and noodle based.  This a ton of umami and is almost impossible to stop eating until it’s gone.  I can be so full I’m in pain and I still can’t stop.  I get the small to minimize inevitable later self-loathing.”




Hoy Tod at Thai Cuisine & Noodle House

Hoy Tod

“Are you sure?” the waitress asked, suddenly looking very worried.

“Yes,” I said.

It’s not like I was ordering fugu, the daring delicacy that recently hospitalized five men in Japan.

All I asked for was Hoy Tod, a staple of street food in Thailand that some people call the most popular dish in Bangkok, but which can be difficult to find stateside.

A special this week at Thai Cuisine and Noodle House, it is a pancake-like omelet of battered fried mussels (or oysters) served atop bean sprouts.  As with many Thai dishes, customers can tailor the flavor to their tastes, in this case by adding as much as they’d like of the Thai-style sriracha with which it is traditionally served.  I like to flood mine with it.  A shaker of pepper allows even more custom-spicing.

As I devoured the dish, I was struck by its similarity to a popular bar food here in the states: Buffalo chicken wings.  Standing in for the fried chicken are meaty and greasy battered mussels.  While, the vinegary sriracha offsets all of the grease with heat and tang similar to traditional Buffalo sauce.  And finally, like stalks of celery do for wings, the cooling and crunchy bean sprouts provide contrast.


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