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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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#21: Elliewood Club and House Dressing on Pumpernickel – Take It Away

Photo by Do Me A Flavor.

The House Dressing

Wait, house dressing is not a sandwich.

Or is it? UVa students and locals alike know that you could put the dressing between two sandals and it would taste good. For thirty years, Take It Away has attracted crowds to The Corner (and, more recently, Dairy Market) for sandwiches of well-sourced ingredients on freshly baked bread. But, mostly for house dressing.

The dressing belongs to Myrt Power, whose family founded Williamsburg’s The Cheese Shop fifty years ago. In 1992, family friend Tom Bowe had the brilliant idea to bring The Cheese Shop’s concept to Charlottesville, along with its house dressing. All these years later, Bowe remains tight-lipped about Myrt’s recipe, but it is known to include mayonnaise, whole grain mustard, herbs, and spices. How do you take yours? One of the best ways is a jar of it with a bag of “bread ends” for dipping. As for sandwiches, everyone has their favorite vehicle for house dressing, but it’s hard to beat Bowe’s: Elliewood Club on pumpernickel. Honey smoked turkey and baked ham with cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, roasted tomatoes, red onions, and bacon. And, of course, lots of house dressing.

#21: Elliewood Club and House Dressing on Pumpernickel – Take It Away
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches

Others of Note: Ham, Cucumbers and House Dressing on Pumpernickel at Take It Away (GFA); Pastrami Turkey, Cheddar, Arugula, and House Dressing on French at Take It Away (GFA); Madison with Pimiento Cheese and House Dressing at Take It Away (GFA). Vegetarian Alternative: Three Cheese and House Dressing on French at Take It Away (GFA)

Five Finds on Friday: Elizabeth Pelly

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Elizabeth Pelly, Co-owner and Creative Director of Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard, which opens today in Keswick. Though the industry’s historic 2020 frost wiped out the vineyard’s initial vintage, that hasn’t stopped it from opening, serving the excellent wines of nearby True Heritage until its own wines are ready. And, the frost did no harm to the beautiful view and setting. Pelly’s picks:

1) Everything Baguette from MarieBette Café & Bakery. “This baguette is literally everything to me. Crunchy and flavorful on the outside, soft and light in the inside. I rarely make it out to the car without having a bite or home without eating half of it. It is even great the day after, if there is any left, toasted with a thin layer of cream cheese and avocado.”

2) Carciofo at Tavola (fried artichokes with whipped goat cheese and garlic aioli). “The ‘last supper’ my husband and I had before my second daughter was born was at Tavola. It was the only time I have eaten in the restaurant. We had a lovely dinner and then during COVID – while we have not been out much – we ordered take-away for our seventh wedding anniversary dinner. It can be risky ordering anything ‘fritti’ to take away but the artichoke was absolutely perfect and the goat cheese dipping sauce is divine.”

3) House Dressing from Take It Away. “Does a condiment count in this exercise? Doesn’t matter because I don’t care. First discovered in my university years, it is too good not to mention. A delightful mix of tangy and creamy, this is the perfect companion to a deli sandwich, and I have been known to dip plain bread in the house dressing as a snack.”

4) Princess Cake from Albemarle Baking Company. “I have only had two birthdays in our new home in Keswick, but the princess cake has featured at both. This cake is heaven. Who wouldn’t love marzipan with light fluffy white cake and decadent whipped cream filling? It is perfect for any special occasion, or actually I might have to order one now.”

5) Fried Chicken from Michie Tavern. “For the soft launch of our tasting room at Merrie Mill, we had tons of friends and neighbors come visit. A pretty big contingency stayed for dinner up at our house. I ordered fried chicken from Michie Tavern and everyone, including me, was blown away. If I had a dime for every time someone told me ‘this is the best fried chicken I have ever had,’ I would be buying a lot more fried chicken.”

Five Finds on Friday: Mary Bridget Kane

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from reader Mary Bridget Kane. In celebration of the Culture of Takeout, Five Finds on Friday has been featuring readers selected at random in weekly drawings. Also part of the prize is a $100 restaurant gift certificate, like Kane’s certificate to Conmole. Kane’s picks:

1) Ham Biscuits from JM Stock Provisions. “Absolute perfection and my favorite way to start a weekend morning. Also everyone who works there is just fantastic.” 

2) Wessex from Greenwood Gourmet Grocery. “One of my favorite things about the Charlottesville area is that there are at least a half dozen truly fantastic sandwich places. After years of taste tests and an extensive Google Doc ranking system, I’ve concluded that Greenwood Grocery tops the list. It’s tough to choose just one from their menu but I keep coming back to the Wessex.” 

3) Turkey and Swiss on Sourdough from Take it Away. “Couldn’t pick just one Cville sandwich. My go to is turkey and Swiss on their homemade sourdough with arugula, pickles, roasted tomatoes and of course extra house dressing.” 

4) Shaved Salad at Oakhart Social. “Perfect combination of sweet, savory, crunchy. I think it’s the dates that make it.”

5) Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup from C&O. “Best served with a dirty martini and some late night gossip. Makes me feel like I’ve traveled back in time.”

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