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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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#9: Torta de Lengua y Chorizo – Tacos Gomez

The Torta

Sometimes it feels like tortas are fate’s way of atoning for the blows she has dealt us over the years. Not long ago, tortas were almost impossible to find in Charlottesville. But at the same time that our community has seemed to face one challenge after another, it has also seen an explosion in tortas. Delicious tortas.

A torta is a Mexican sandwich typically served on either a crunchy roll (un bolillo) or a soft one (una telera), and stuffed with lots of meat, cheese, and garnishes. While ordering an American sandwich might prompt the question: “What do you want on it?”, tortas often come with everything, no questions asked. “More is more” is the common approach.

Different eateries excel at different fillings, but almost all of Charlottesville’s tortas are worth ordering, nowhere more so than Tacos Gomez. Winner of 2002 Best Food Truck, Tacos Gomez loads a telera with cheese, tomato, onions, pickled jalapenos, avocado, and mayonnaise. From there, it’s just a matter of choosing a protein from options like ham, pork, steak, chicken, and more. You can even mix and match fillings, and it’s hard to beat the food truck’s own lengua combined with chorizo: chunks of tender beef tongue with house-made Mexican pork sausage.

#9 – Torta de Lengua y Chorizo – Tacos Gomez
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches

Others of Note: Asada y Chorizo Torta at Cafe Andrade, Al Pastor y Chorizo Torta at Super Amanacer, Torta de Milanesa at The Bebedero, Torta de Asada at El Tio, Torta Michoacana at La Michoacana, Al Pastor y Chorizo Torta at El Comalito, Al Pastor y Chorizo Torta at Taqueria Chaparro, Steak Torta Tradicional at Mi Casita, Lengua Torta at Cactus, Birria Torta at Taqueria ElChavo. Vegetarian Alternative: Vegetarian Torta at Tacos Gomez.

Charlottesville 2022 Best Food Truck: Tacos Gomez

In all the years since the award for Charlottesville’s Best Food Truck began, Tacos Gomez has never failed to be a finalist. Just as nineteen-time nominee Susan Lucci eventually won an Emmy, the taco truck’s steadfast consistency has propelled it to the top.

Launched in 2015, Tacos Gomez was originally a part-time gig as a way to bring the food of the Gomez family to the public. “We grew up with women who could really cook and wanted to share that with Charlottesville,” said Miguel Gomez, whose parents Miguel and Leticia own the business. “After trying it part time, we realized that other people really enjoy it as well.” And so, the Gomez family went all in, leaving their other jobs to focus exclusively on Tacos Gomez.

This was an excellent development for Charlottesville diners, as the truck now sets up six days per week at the bottom of Pantops Mountain, where Long St. meets High St. There, they dole out tacos, tortas, and platters drawing on old family recipes that Leticia brought with her to Charlottesville from Mexico City. Almost everything is made from scratch, from the tortillas to the meats that fill them, and even the chorizo.

For tacos, cabeza is a standout. A slow braise breaks down beef cheeks until they are meltingly tender and rich with beefy flavor. Stuffed into handmade tortillas, and topped with cilantro, onions, and hot sauce, morsels of the unctuous beef cheeks anchor one of the most satisfying dishes in town.

But, as good as the tacos are, many regulars are partial to the tortas – ovals of fluffy bread piled high with Swiss cheese, mozzarella, onions, tomato, jalapenos, and avocado, and pressed on a griddle. Customers have their choice of proteins or vegetable fillings, though it’s hard to beat the combination of chorizo and lengua. A side of house hot sauce offsets the richness while adding heat to taste.

Among a stellar group of finalists, the 2022 Charlottesville Best Food Truck is Tacos Gomez.


2021 Charlottesville Best Food Truck/Stand Finalists

The 2021 Charlottesville 29 is coming soon, answering: if there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville would be the ideal 29? But first up is recognition of our area’s great food trucks and stands. 2020 was a challenging year for the food industry, but many trucks thrived in the Culture of Takeout, helping Charlottesville enjoy chef-prepared meals while remaining socially distant.

Monday, March 15, The Charlottesville 29 2021 Best Food Truck/Stand will be awarded. Among a great group, the finalists are:


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