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In Depth with South Fork’s Phillip Gerringer


In this week’s C-VILLE Weekly is an article about the many virtues of a dinner party with Phillip Gerringer’s outstanding food truck South Fork.  As a companion piece, below is an in-depth look at the man behind the food truck recently named Best of C-VILLE:

Q. How did you get into cooking?

A. My mom and Grandparents were great cooks. I took it for granted growing up because we would have a full, well-rounded home cooked meal every night of the week. I could count on my fingers how many times we went out to eat in a year.

It wasn’t until I moved out of my parents’ house as a teenager and started working in restaurants that I realized what went into those meals and I started to appreciate it.

I wasn’t working in restaurants at a young age because I loved the art of cooking. I just loved the atmosphere and loved a lot of the people I would meet. But that appreciation of those home cooked meals made me take pride in the food I was preparing. No matter how generic the restaurant was where I was working, I tried to make the food I prepared taste and look as good as possible.

Q. Can you provide your cooking bio/resume?

A. Took a job in high school at a pizza restaurant where a bunch of my friends worked. It had nothing to do with me wanting to cook. It was all about cranking music, skateboarding out back, and late night pizza party raids. It closed shortly after…..

Then it was some dives and chains that filled the “gotta have a job” part of life.

It was K-38 Baja Grill in Wilmington, NC that first sparked a real interest in cooking. The food was a pretty simple Tex-Mex cuisine but with some creative twists. It was the first “cool” place I had work and I spent a lot of the next 3 years in that kitchen or at the bar.

Back to dives and chains during the transient existential crisis of the early/mid twenties era.

When I moved to C’ville in January 2007, I was getting back in school to get out of the food industry. I got a job at Mono Loco and was quickly reminded of how much fun a kitchen can be. I give a ton of credit to Michael Lewis for reigniting my interest in cooking and the industry. He let me experiment with things and put my name along side of things I came up with. That kind of encouragement is really important and left a lasting mark.

Q. What prompted you to decide to start a food truck?

A. Once I finished at UVA, I started looking for 9-5 jobs. It was the most depressing thing ever. There was nothing I really wanted to do and the more I looked, the more I realized I wanted to stay in the food industry. Some of my wife’s friends had told her I should start a food truck. I considered it but I didn’t follow or know much about food trucks (I still don’t, my social media skills will prove it….). But owning my own business was always something I had wanted to do and I figured I’d go for it.

Q. Where did the name South Fork come from?

A. The name was one of the hardest parts of starting a business for me. A lot of really bad ideas were thrown around… One day we were brainstorming and my wife saw the word pitchfork and said “what about South Fork.” It wasn’t something I would have ever come up with and it took me a little while to warm up to it. But the more things progress, the more that felt like the right name. And at some point you just have to go with something! In the end I became really psyched about it and it obviously fueled the logo design which I was really happy with as well.

Q. How did you choose the type of cuisine to focus on?

A. A southern influenced cuisine was the only type of food I ever considered. It allowed me to pay respect to all of those family meals I took for granted as a kid. But I didn’t wanted to do just traditional southern food. I liked putting my own stamp on things and putting a little twists into the menu items but still keeping them accessible.

Q. How has it been, running a food truck? Anything surprised you about it?

A. It’s been really rewarding. You put yourself out there and hope that people like this thing you’ve worked really hard on. So to have as positive of a response that we have had over the past 2 years has been awesome. I’m so grateful to everyone that has supported us.

It’s also more work than you could ever imagine. If you see me at 6pm at an event, most likely I’ve been working since the early morning and I a still have a normal 8 hour work shift left. It’s a small business so I do the bookkeeping, prep, truck maintenance, wash dishes, etc, etc. etc. I run a skeleton crew so anyone else you see on the truck has been working their ass off too. Kudos to all of my employees. Apologies to all unanswered voicemails….

Q. What are your personal favorite South Fork dishes? What dish is ordered most by the public?

A. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I guess it’s the grilled pimento cheese sandwich. But really you should ask for the burger with everything that goes into the grilled cheese. It’s not a regular menu item but we can make it anytime.

I’ve been really happy about how all of the items on the menu sell. I guess the most ordered item would have top be the Fried Chicken but it’s a close race. It’s hard to take anything off because we know we are going to have a bunch of people that come just for that item.

Q. How often do you do private parties?

A. Private parties have been getting more and more frequent. Charlottesville is a relatively small town so it’s hard to have a viable food truck scene. It’s too “hit or miss” to just pull up and serve lunch somewhere. We like to do as much street food vending as possible but private parties have really become a significant chunk of our business. They can be a lot of fun too. We get to work with the host and come up with different menu items we don’t always have and it’s almost always a laid back environment.

Five Finds on Friday: Phillip Gerringer


On Fridays, we feature five food finds from local chefs and personalities. Today’s picks come from Phillip Gerringer, the former Mono Loco cook who now runs the stellar food truck South Fork.  We’ve hosted parties catered by South Fork, and they’ve knocked it out of the park. Gerringer’s picks:

1)  Pimento Cheese Fritters at Maya.  “I could eat good pimento cheese with a spoon. Ball it up and fry it . . .  that’s ballgame. I ordered these for my mother-in-law who was a pimento cheese skeptic (they exist). It totally converted her.”

2)  Beef Tartare at Petit Pois.  “The patio here on a beautiful night will make you feel like you managed to transport to a Parisian cafe. A glass of wine . . . the beef tartare . . . it’s a great way to start off a night downtown. It’s simple, elegant, and uncomplicated. Just a delicious start to any of their dinners.”

3)  Spicy Noodle Bowl at Pad Thai.  “My wife and I love this place. I think through the years I’ve sampled just about everything on their menu, but the Spicy Noodle Bowl has become my go-to dish. The herb broth is perfection and I either get it with the Red Pork or Chicken Meatballs.”

4)  Bread from Mission Home Bakeshop.  “I picked up a loaf on a whim and it’s become my favorite for sandwiches. It’s budget-friendly, no frills sandwich bread, and when you toast it on the grill, it’s incredible.”

5)  The Royale at Restoration.  “I’m usually a traditionalist when it comes to cheeseburgers, but the bacon jam and tomato relish take this one to another level. I’ve loved watching this place come into its own.  Rich and Kelly’s commitment to getting every detail right is what makes their menu so amazing. They can take something as simple as a burger and make it creative but approachable.”

Food Truck Party with South Fork


Photo by Jonathan Baskin.

If you have never heard of food truck parties, you should.  They are an incredibly easy way to throw a party, and are delicious, too.

We recently hosted a party catered by South Fork, and it was perfect.  They pull right into your driveway, and hang out for a few hours.  Your guests can wander out as often as they wish to order their dinner.  Best of all, chef/owner Phillip Gerringer, who was once Sous Chef at Mono Loco, is one talented dude in the kitchen.

Our guests loved  the Smoked Jalapeno Meatloaf Sandwich (pictured) with garlic mashed potatoes (on sandwich), green tomato salsa, chipotle BBQ, and bacon on sourdough.  Also delicious was a Catfish Sandwich special added to the party menu at our request. Meanwhile, our vegetarian guests had a hard time deciding which was better: the excellent Lima Bean Hummus topped with roasted tomatoes, and served with tortilla chips, or the more indulgent Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich w/ arugula on toasted Mission Home wheat bread.  But, the most addictive dish of all may have been the Sweet Potato Fritters with brown sugar sauce, which work equally well as a side as they do as a dessert.

The truck was such a hit with guests that one even hired them on the spot for a party a few weeks later.

Delicious, reasonably priced food, made to order.  No cooking or clean-up, so you can focus on the drinks and the company.  They even bring a garbage can to take away all of the trash.  Hard to beat.


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