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Five Finds on Friday: Danielle Stein

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Danielle Stein, who has entertained and informed Charlottesville sports and food fans throughout her tenure at CBS19. Now moving on, Stein once said it was her dream to appear in Five Finds on Friday. Who are we to stand between a girl and her dreams? In honor of her work in Charlottesville, always with a smile, Danielle Stein’s Five Finds on Friday:

1) Key Lime Martini at Bang!. “There is no question that Bang! is my favorite restaurant in Charlottesville since the first week I came here. I love their rotating menu of small Asian-fusion tapas, and try to pick new things each time. While I do that, there is always one constant: the key lime martini. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and a little tart and a graham cracker crumb rim. Always fits perfect with any dish I order.”

2) Lamb Carpaccio at The Alley Light. “I dream about the lamb carpaccio at Alley Light. The most beautiful and intimate space features some of the more unique things I’ve ever tried. I’ve had other carpaccios like tuna and beef, but the flavor of the paper-thin lamb is so special and is such a star. So good on their bread with the aioli and arugula.”

3) Ka Pow Crispy Pork Belly at Monsoon Siam. “Anything with the words ‘spicy’ and ‘garlic’ in the description is going to call my name, and then with crispy pork belly? Game over. The sauce flavors and the spicy peppers make this dish great, and it packs some heat! Shout out to the Hell Fried Rice too.

4) Provoleta at South and Central. “It’s a skillet of hot, melty cheese that’s crispy and golden on top and makes for the ultimate cheese pull when you scoop it onto bread or with your insane steaks. Enough said. They have lunch special with the provoleta melted onto a steak as well for the best of both worlds. Beautiful space, and always check their steak special (if they have the bison ribeye, GET IT).

5) Cacio e Pepe Pizza at Luce. “Luce has changed me for the better. I love their pasta, but their pizza is just something else. You get all the joy of cacio e pepe pasta, but on a white pizza. This, quite literal, hole in the wall off the downtown mall makes for the perfect carryout meal, and I loved their tented live music summer series in the parking lot next door.”

Five Finds on Friday: Robin McDaniel


On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Robin McDaniel, sous chef of The Alley Light.  McDaniel’s picks.

1)  Tom Yum Soup at Monsoon Siam.  “Kitty and Pooh make you feel like family when you enter the unique space; and the food conveys that sense of hospitality and warmth. It’s a hearty and home-style soup. I always order a large!”

2)  Any Wine sommelier Erin Scala recommends at Fleurie.  “Her knowledge and passion for wine is remarkable.  Not only does she pair wine well with food; more importantly, she finds the right wine for the right person.”

3)  Vongole Oreganato al Forno at Tavola.  “A town favorite that consistently delivers a quality experience. Food has a bright acidity, wine list is unique, and service is spot on.”

4)  Focaccia and Poached Eggs at Petit Pois. “The most consistent and best brunch in town. It is a perfect way to start a Sunday . . . huge patio in the summer, cozy in the winter.”

5)  Herb-roasted Turkey Sandwich at Market Street Market. “My favorite sandwich in town. Great deli selections on a central location off the mall. I always ask for extra watercress. Throw in some lamb curry from Revolutionary Soup and you’ve got lunch covered.”

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