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Potter’s “The Haven” is Special


When it comes to new releases, nothing from Potter’s Craft Cider is rushed or ill-considered. You can tell from the quality of the product. The flavors are never haphazardly executed, the combinations never carelessly conceived. While owners Tim Edmond and Dan Potter do experiment by trial and error, none of the errors ever makes it through.

The latest release is no exception. The Haven is a Belgian style cider flavored with figs, coriander, and Belgian dark candi sugar. Bottle-fermented with Belgian abbey yeast, it is perhaps the one Potter’s offering that would most appeal to beer lovers. In fact, the rich aroma of stone fruit, ruby port cask, and spice is a dead ringer for Dogfish Head’s legendary World Wide Stout. And, while apple is present, the taste is less reminiscent of cider than it is of a Flanders Oud Bruin or a Belgian Quadrupel like St. Bernardus Abt 12.  Unlike many of Potter’s other offerings, this is not a refreshing drink to have on the porch on a warm summer day. Rather, at 12% alcohol, it is one to enjoy in a snifter by the fire with a book, or in a haven from the rain. It is special.

A limited release, Edmond and Potter created it to raise awareness about the shelter The Haven, which will receive a portion of proceeds from the cider’s sale. “The Haven is perhaps the most unusual cider that we’ve ever made,” says Edmond, “and we hope that it shines light on the outstanding work that The Haven does on a daily basis, treating our homeless population with dignity and providing the essential tools that they need.”

You can be one of the first to try it at The Haven’s release party, this Saturday, May 21, at the IX Art Park, from 11 am – 5 pm.  In addition to cider tastings, there will be music by Tequila Mockingbird, donuts by Carpe Donut, and, perhaps best of all, food by Cote-Rotie. (Wherever Cote-Rotie goes, you should go.)  And, you’ll have a chance to buy a cider that seems destined to sell out fast.

Five Finds on Friday: Dan Potter

Potter 2

On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Dan Potter, co-owner of Potter’s Craft Cider, which recently released their second varietal, the Oak Barrel Reserve.  Aged in apple brandy barrels for 4-6 months, the Reserve develops vanilla, caramel and toasted oak flavors.  Less than 200 cases were bottled, so get it while it lasts.  Potter’s five picks:

1)  Southside of Heaven at The Flat. “An eye-opening experience to what a crepe can be.  Perfect after a long night out, big enough to feed two, but usually gone before anyone else gets a taste.”

2)  Freedom Ranger Chicken from Free Union Grass Farm.  “These birds are very active and run around more than a standard Cornish Cross.  Any way you choose to cook it, they have the tastiest thighs you will ever try.”

3)  Hemingway’s Paris by Forage.  “I’m very excited for the next dinner from Megan Kiernan and Justin Stone, the curators of Forage.  These two put together more than just an incredible meal – they create ‘holistic occasions meant to be enjoyed by all the senses.’  Every part of the experience is worth savoring.”

4)  The Horny Goatburger at Black Market Moto Saloon.  “Organic spiced goat with avocado, bacon, Gouda and cilantro lime sauce – what else is there to say?”

5)  Fried Chicken with Collards at The Whiskey Jar.  “Simple, but delicious.  This is a staple meal done well.  It’s always nice to enjoy at the end of a long week alongside a cold drink.”

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