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Five Finds on Friday: Diane Flynt


On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs or personalities.  In anticipation of the upcoming Cider Week, today’s picks come from Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider.  On Monday, October 28 at Clifton Inn is a four-course dinner paired with various Foggy Ridge ciders.  Details here.  Flynt’s picks:

1)  Apples from Vintage Virginia Apples.  “Apples of course!  Vintage Virginia offers many heirloom varieties, packed full of interesting flavor, with much more to offer than ‘sweet’ and ‘tart.’  Grimes Golden is my favorite sweet apple to mix in a pie, and the famous Albemarle Pippin, a spicy apple, tastes even better a few weeks off the tree.”

2)  Bloomsbury cheese from Caromont.  “Gail Hobbs-Page has won lots of acclaim, and for good reason. Her Bloomsbury cheese, made with milk from Silky Cow Farm is fantastic with a slice of tart apple.  Sara, the genius cheesemonger at Feast!, says this cheese is more complex than Brie, with soft texture and mushroom notes.  Agreed.”

3)  Doughnuts at Brookville Restaurant.  “Harrison Keevil fries a mean doughnut.  The Wine Spectator recently wrote about his little sugary gems.  While still warm, Harrison pipes in a dollop of apple butter, the seasoning of the season. You can’t eat just one.”

4)  Candied Apple Cocktail at The Whiskey Jar.  “For drinks, I often head to The Whiskey Jar and this time of year enjoy a Candied Apple Cocktail.  Made with Bowman Brothers Whiskey, caramel brown sugar simple syrup, lots of lemon to balance things out, Foggy Ridge First Fruit Cider, and a cinnamon apple slice to top, this drink shouts ‘autumn.'”

5)  Autumn Omelet at Beer Run.  “For an apple grower, brunch is a rare treat. But when possible I head to Beer Run for their Autumn Omelet (El Otono) with roasted butternut squash, Yukon gold potatoes, Vermont goat cheese and, of course, apples . . . and just savor being warm, dry, and off the tractor.”

Five Finds on Friday: Jennifer Keevil


On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Jennifer Keevil, Manager of Brookville Restaurant, which she co-owns with her husband and chef Harrison.  On the last day of 2012, the Keevils welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Caroline.  With pregnancy behind Jennifer, we asked her what she is most excited to eat again.  “Here are the things I am most looking forward to,” says Jennifer, “now that our beautiful Caroline is with us.”  Welcome Caroline!

1)  “Omakase sashimi, sushi, and sake at TEN Sushi.”

2)  “A refreshing  Greyhound and grazing off the late night menu at C&O.”

3)  “Shopping and tasting all the raw milk cheeses and charcuterie at Feast!.”

4)  “Gambas al’ parilla  smothered in aioli, and homemade sangria at Mas.”

5)  “A perfect runny egg on anything at Brookville.”

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