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Five Finds on Friday: Vincent Derquenne


On Fridays, we feature five finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Vincent Derquenne, chef and co-owner of Bang, Bizou, and The Space.  Be on the lookout for pop-up dinners at The Space starting this fall, with food by the dynamic duo: Derquenne and co-owner Tim Burgess.  Derquenne’s picks:

1)  Ham and Brie Sandwich with Cucumber Salad at Bashir’s.  “Get a coke and the sports section and disappear for a half hour.”

2)  Glazed Donut at Spudnut’s on Saturday morning.  “Way better than the sugar-coated that my son likes.  (He’ll grow out of it and realize his father was right all along).”

3)  Pistachio Burma with Yogurt at Aromas Cafe.  “This is it one of the best balanced desserts I know, especially after Moroccan cuisine.”

4)  Pastrami on an Everything Bagel at Bodo’s .  “I change options every time so I don’t seem boring, but always on an everything bagel.  And of course the cream cheese on a plain bagel that saved me so many times on the way to school. Or back from it! Thanks Bodo’s.

5)  An Afternoon at Veritas Vineyard and King Family Vineyards.  “You go with friends, get a glass, and enjoy the time together.  I easily forget to do it, but when I’m there I always think I should do it more often.”

Five Finds on Friday: Mike Ketola


On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Mike Ketola, who cooks at not one but two restaurants that have been inducted into The Charlottesville 29.  Ketola is the longtime sous chef of Mas, and also cooks at Barbecue Exchange.  Ketola’s picks:

1)  Glazed Blueberry Cake Donut at Spudnuts.  “Is there anything they can’t do?”

2)  Tequila-lime Chocolate at Gearharts.  “The aged anejo tequila-lime fondant is the perfect complement to the intensely rich and sweet white chocolate casing.”

3)  Seared Jumbo lump Crab and Corn Cake at Three Notch’d Grill.  “Lightly textured, virtually exploding with flavor- the velvety lemon beurre blanc and refreshingly crisp jicama slaw really take it to the next level.”

4)  Pappardelle Ragu at Tavola.  “Rich and meaty pork ragu, supple ribbons of housemade pasta: comfort food turned up to 11!”

5)  Chicken Shawarma at Aromas Cafe.  “I always get it with extra habiba sauce, which is really out of this world tasty!”

Five Finds on Friday: Angelo Vangelopoulos

angelo 5

On Fridays, we feature five finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  This week’s picks come from Angelo Vangelopoulos, chef/owner of Ivy Inn.  Vangelopoulos’ picks:

1)  Nachos at Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie.  “It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I decide to make the trip to North Garden.  I love the Jack London pizza, but the nachos make me come back over and over.”

2)  Moroccan Wrap or Chicken Shawarma Wrap at Aromas Cafe.  “It’s a toss up: the Moroccan wrap with the world’s tastiest eggplant or the shawarma.  Hassan and his staff make the experience memorable — great place for a lunch date.”

3)  The Chef’s Counter at Clifton Inn.  “It’s like eating in your own kitchen if it was staffed with five great chefs and a great service staff.  The snacks and courses seem to be endless.”

4)  Chorizo Potatoes with a side of Homemade Tomatillo-Avocado Sauce at Cafe Cubano.   “It’s so good I’ll eat yours too.”

5)  Goat Vin D’Alho and Naan at Milan Indian Cuisine.  “Ask for extra napkins and order another beer.  It’s succulent, spicy and soul warming.  Don’t even try to eat without using your hands.”

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