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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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Petite MarieBette to Open Downtown


Good news, bro. Bronuts on the mall!

Tomorrow, February 4, MarieBette Cafe & Bakery, a Charlottesville 29 entrant, will open a downtown mall outpost on Water Street, beside Roxie Daisy. With a focus on coffee in addition to baked goods, Petite MarieBette will offer breads, pastries, tarts, and, after this week’s soft opening, soups, salads, sandwiches, and other counter-order fare.

Hours are Monday thru Friday, 7 am – 6:30 pm, and Sat-Sun 8 am – 5:30 pm.

Charlottesville Replaces Stolen Generator for Angelic’s Food Truck


Yesterday morning, Angelic Jenkins discovered that someone had broken into her food truck and stolen the generator. She was devastated. Today, thanks to the Charlottesville  community, she has a new one. No less than forty donors responded to an online fundraiser, quickly raising the $1,000 needed for a new generator. Donors included staff from Public Fish & Oyster, Lampo, Prime 109, Quality Pie, The Tennesseean Steakhouse, Brasserie Saison, Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar, Splendora’s Gelato, and more.

“Just amazing,” said Jenkins. “I get emotional when I talk about this because I didn’t realize that many people notice, or that many people cared. And they do.”

She is not out of the woods yet, though. Without a generator yesterday, Angelic’s lost an entire day of sales, a tough blow for a food business just getting off the ground. But, Angelic’s is open today and you can help her recoup the lost revenue simply by patronizing her truck. And, bring a friend. The truck is at the bottom of Pantop’s mountain at the corner of Long Street and 250, 11:30 am – 7 pm. Eating fried fish and chicken seems like a good way to lend a hand.

Thank you, Charlottesville. As I’ve said before about our community, “when one has a need, others rush to fill it.”


Five Finds on Friday: Carolyn Stromberg Leasure

carolyn with cheddar

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Carolyn Stromberg Leasure of Righteous Cheese, which was once a cheese and wine bar in Washington D.C. and now hosts cheese events here in Charlottesville. On Valentine’s Day is Righteous Cheese’s most popular class ever: Chocolate, Cheese & Baller Bubbly. Leasure and award-winning cheesemonger Sara Adduci will lead guests through four rare grower champagnes, cheeses, and a spread of local chocolates. 6:30 – 7:30 pm in Oakhart Social’s private dining room. Details and tickets. Leasure’s picks:

1) Cold Brew Latte (made with cashew milk & cold brew coffee) from The Juice Laundry. “I really appreciate good coffee, and I get to feel like I’m being healthy when I drink this. Unlike a lot of juice places, The Juice Laundry is 100% organic, which I appreciate. Their Cold Brew Latte is creamy and nutty with a hint of cinnamon and a great start to the day.”

2) Fried Chicken and Onion Rings at Mel’s Cafe. “We cook at home almost every night, but when we are too tired and want something fast, it’s often Mel’s fried chicken. Even with takeout, it stays crispy, the onion rings are the apex of the genre, and even the breast meat is juicy. Though, of course, the best way to eat it is at Mel’s, with chicken straight out of the fryer, while chatting with the folks behind the counter.”

3) Hot and Numbing Shredded Tofu Skins at Peter Chang’s. “I love to order tofu when dining out, since making it at home never turns out quite as good. The Hot and Numbing Shredded Tofu Skin almost has the texture of al dente pasta: thinly shredded, toothsome pieces of tofu skin seasoned with chili pepper, chili oil, sesame oil, fresh cilantro and a host of other spices and seasonings. While not the spiciest dish at Peter Chang’s (which means you can eat more!), it leaves a pleasant, buzzy tingling on your lips. Yum.”

4) Eggs and Pancake Special at Tip Top Restaurant. “With a two-year old toddler/tyrant living in our house, my chef-husband and I don’t get out often for dinner, but we take breakfast seriously. I am a bit particular (read: annoying) about my eggs, and prefer them over-medium, apparently the hardest way to cook them. The number of times my eggs are cooked properly – with firm whites and a soft yolk – at most restaurants is few, but the kitchen at Tip Top has never disappointed. Eggs are always perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with the pancakes and bacon (ordered extra-extra-crispy for me). The relaxed dining room is bustling but it doesn’t take too long for a table, they have crayons for my kid, and the staff is the perfect mix of gregarious, surly, and at the top of their game.”

5) Budino at Lampo. “I love absolutely everything at Lampo, and my standard order is the kale salad, a cheese and charcuterie board, and the Margherita DOC pizza. The perfect dish for me, though, is the chocolate budino. Chocolate and olive oil are one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations. The budino is silky and rich with a savory drizzle of olive oil, a salty, crunchy, caramel-y top, and nutty crushed hazelnuts, all of which come together for an ideal balance of flavors and textures.”


Hot and Numbing Shredded Tofu Skins