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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

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Five Finds on Friday: Margo Bulka


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from an unsung hero of the COVID-19 crisis, WillowTree Principal Product Strategist Margo Bulka, who single-handedly designed and built Charlottesville’s best resource for responding to it: There, you can find how to help and how to get help. In maintaing the site, Bulka is grateful for Jordy Yager, who oversees the site’s content, and WillowTree, for its great support of her efforts. In Bulka’s picks, she celebrates restaurants offering takeout as a way to try to survive this crisis:

1) The Bill at Brazos Tacos. “‘Mashed potatoes on a taco?’ My skeptical out of town visitors will always raise an eyebrow. ‘Just trust me.’ With potatoes and mushrooms smothered in zingy honey jefe topped with cilantro, The Bill has the natural joy of a taco but with a kick. Unexpected but amazing.” (UPDATE: Brazos is closed indefinitely.)

2) Shaved Salad at Oakhart Social. “Around an evening dinner table, a friend shared a rumor about this salad – supposedly, it was once voted the best in the world. The whole world? Crisp fresh fennel, sweet crunch of fresh apple, parmesan dressing. Heavenly. Pass it on.” Order it for curbside pick-up here

3) Margarita D.O.C. at Lampo. “I can’t tiptoe around it. Picking a favorite on the Lampo menu is next to impossible (the Hellboy, the Abruzzo . . . the Cavoletti Di Bruxelles) but the Margarita D.O.C. wins the crown. The simplicity of fresh, bubbling mozzarella di bufala after a trip inside the wood-fired oven makes it unforgettable.” Order it for curbside pick-up here.

4) Kao Soi at Monsoon Siam. “Curry, brothy, noodle-y goodness topped with crispy egg noodles and cilantro. A remarkable symphony of savory and sweet against a soft crunch. What is even happening in that bowl? Unclear, but it’s fantastic.” Order it for curbside pick-up or delivery here.

5) Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at MarieBette. “You’ll have to zoom in early on Saturday mornings to beat the line, but the weekend alarm is worth it. I love this stack of fluffy pancakes followed by the morning nap that often ensues.” Call (434) 529-6118 to order Buttermilk Pancakes from MarieBette’s new takeout menu here.


Help a Charlottesville Restaurant Family in Need

Szechuan2While COVID-19 is taking a toll on all of us, some people’s situations are particularly dire. Please see this message from Ann Yu, whose parents have run Szechuan Restaurant for more than three decades, and who are at acute risk of COVID-19. Note that she is not asking for a handout. Rather, gift certificate purchases for needed cash flow:

Hi friends. Some of you might know that my parents own a small, local, Chinese restaurant in Charlottesville. Those close to me know of my parent’s health struggles and know that they are both very immunocompromised. Despite their health struggles, they have worked 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week for over 30+ years to provide for my grandma, my sisters and me. I’m sure you all know and are experiencing personal economic distress due to the spread of COVID19. It is especially hitting those who own small, local businesses – who depend on daily consumers to pay bills. My sisters and I want our parents to stop working as soon as they can and remain not working, as they are not fully healthy but still need to stay open to alleviate financial stress. I honestly feel uncomfortable with sharing this personal information, but I feel desperate and cannot do much to help my parents except for this.

If you are able to help, you can buy a gift certificate in two ways. You can purchase via paypal:, and please add your address under the notes. Or, you may Venmo me @annkayu, switch the payment to PRIVATE, and write your address under the notes & I’ll send a gift certificate your way!

Much love, virtual hugs and kisses and support to everyone. 


A Culture of Takeout: Charlottesville Restaurant Dining at Home


Charlottesville’s restaurants are a big part of what makes it special. To help them survive the grave threat that COVID-19 poses to their businesses, our restaurants invite Charlottesville to embrace a culture of takeout. For people practicing social distancing, restaurants can bring a little brightness into lives of seclusion: restaurant dining at home. As often as you can, why not make a habit of treating yourself? It’s a delicious way to help save our restaurants.

Meanwhile, buy gift cards, too. Restaurants need you. And, you need them.

This list will be updated by the minute with changes and additions. Send updates or additions to Tip generously!

Restaurants of The Charlottesville 29

Ace Biscuit & Barbecue

Takeout only. 8am – 3pm. Call (434) 202-1403. Menu.

Beer Run

Curbside pick-up and delivery of food, beer, and wine. Family-style meals. Tues-Sun 11am – 6pm. Order online, call (434) 984-2337, or email Menu.


Drive-thru only. Credit card only (Visa, MC, Discovery). Menu.


Curbside pick-up of three course menu. Wednesday – Saturday, 5-7 pm. Order by email at or call (434) 249-4040. Place orders by 5 pm. All profits and additional gratuities go directly to the C&O employee fund. Menus.


Takeout only of food, beer, and wine. Call (434) 293-8352. Menu.


Takeout only. New three course menus daily. Pickup: 4pm-6pm. Check the website for dates. Order via email anytime at or call (434) 234-7394 between 11am – 4pm. Menu.

Ivy Inn

Front porch and curbside pick-up only. Wednesday-Saturday. New three course menus each weekend. Pre-order by email at to reserve half hour time slot. Menus posted weekly.


Curbside pick-up only. Order online. Wait in your car to be texted when your order is ready. Menu.

Little Star

Curbside pick-up only. Joint menu with Oakhart Social. 4pm – 8pm. Order online.


Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Order online or call (434) 529-6118. Menu.


Curbside pick-up only of food, beer, and wine. Tue-Sat, 12pm-7pm. Order online or call (434) 979-0990. Upon arrival, stay in the car and call for instructions. Menu.


Curbside and patio pick-up of family-style and regular menus, plus deeply discounted beer and wine. 12-8 pm. Call (434) 979-6292. All tips go directly to staff wages. Menu.


Call (434) 984-2828. Menu.

Oakhart Social

Curbside pick-up only. Joint menu with Little Star. 4pm – 8pm. Order online.

Pad Thai

Takeout only. Call (434) 293-4302. Menu.

Peter Chang

Call (434) 244-9818. Menu.

Public Fish & Oyster

Curbside pick-up. 12pm-8pm. Call (434) 995-5542. Menu.

Revolutionary Soup

Takeout and delivery only. 10am-3pm. Extra large soups available to stock fridge or freezer. Call (434) 296-7687. Menu.


Wine delivery, with themed selections by Tavola’s sommelier. Order online.

TEN Sushi

Takeout only of food, beer, and wine. Wed-Sat, 12pm-7pm. Order online or call (434) 295-6691. Menu.


Takeout and curbside pick-up only of food, beer, and wine. 4-8pm. Meals for Four for under $50. Order online. To pick up, call (434) 977-4944 from Zocalo’s reserved spots across from the library on Market St. Menu

More Restaurants

Albemarle Baking Company

Curbside pick-up. Mon-Sat, 8am – 5pm, Sunday 8am – 3pm. Order online or call (434) 293-6456. Menu.

Asian Express

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 979-1888. Menu.


Call (434) 923-0927. Menu.


Takeout. Tue-Sun, 11am – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 202-7594. Menu.

Bavarian Chef

Curbside takeout only. Restaurant and food truck menu items. Call (540) 948-6505. Menus.

BBQ Exchange

Takeout and curbside pickup. 11am-7pm. Order online or call (540) 832-0227. Menu.


Curbside, contactless pick-up. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches. 9am-2pm. Free kids meals with adult meals. Call (434) 996-4919. Menu.

Saturday, March 28: Citizen Burger Bar Pop-up. 4-8pm. Place order on site and then wait in designated area, complying with social-distancing guidelines. 

Belmont Pizza and Pub

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 977-1970. Menu.

Blue Moon Diner

Curbside pick-up. Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm; Sat-Sun, 9am – 4pm. Order online.

Breadworks Bakery & Deli

Curbside pick-up (credit card only). Call (434) 296-4663. Menu.


Call (434) 295-4911. Menu.

Champion Brewing Company

Takeout only. Food, beer, and wine. 5 – 8pm. Order online. Drop down to Retail menu for drinks.

Champion Grill

Takeout and delivery. 11am – 9pm. Order online.


Takeout only. Call (434) 288-1120. Menu.

Citizen Bowl

Takeout and delivery food, beer, and wine. 11am-3pm. Call (434) 234-3662. Menu

College Inn

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 977-2710. Menu.

Common House

Open to all. Curbside pickup of meals, beer, and wine. Order online or call (434) 566-0192. Menu.


Takeout only. Wed-Sat, 12pm-6pm. Call (434) 202-7728. Menu.


Curbside pick-up only. Tues-Sat 10:30am–1pm, 4:30pm-9:30pm. Order online or call (434) 328-2519.

Crozet Pizza Charlottsville

Curbside pickup and delivery. Call (434) 202-0592. Menu.

Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie

Takeout only. Call (434) 245-0000. Daily “Take and Bake” family style meals, pay what you can, with all proceeds to staff. Menu.

Druknya House

Takeout only. Tuesday-Friday: 11-2:30 for lunch, 5-9:30 pm for dinner. Sat-Sun: 12-2:30, 5–9:30 pm. Call (434) 995-5539. Menu.


Takeout, curbside pick-up, and personal grocery shopping delivery. Mon-Fri, 10am – 3:30pm. Order online or call (434) 244-7800.


Takeout, curbside pick-up, and delivery within five miles. Tuesday – Saturday, 4-8pm. Call (434) 284-7676. Menu

Great Harvest

Curbside-pickup and USPS delivery. Order online or call (434) 202-7813. Limited quantities/varieties baked fresh daily.

Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

Takeout food and coffee. Download the app to order online or call (434) 984-0200. Menu.


Takeout, delivery, and curbside pick-up of food, beer, and wine. Call (434) 295-6037. Menu.

Iron Paffles

Takeout only, with table-side, contactless pick-up. Order online or call (434) 806-3800. Menu.


Curbside pickup or delivery from The Local. 4 – 9pm. “Ten for Ten” comfort food meals. $10 per meal, inclusive of tax and delivery. All proceeds to staff. Order online. Menu.


Takeout. Order online or call (434) 328-2775. Menu.

Keevil & Keevil

Delivery only. Order by email,, by 8 pm the night before for daily deliveries between 2pm – 5 pm. Leave cooler with ice outside your door. Menu. Plus, each day at 12:30 pm, 20 free meals for children will be left in front of the shop. Take only what you need.


Takeout only. Call (434) 260-7687. Menu.

Mahana Fresh

Takeout. Order online or call (434) 284-5846. Menu.

Mangione’s on Main

Takeout only. 12-8pm. Call (434) 327-4833. Menu.

Mel’s Cafe

Call (434) 971-8819. Menu.

Mellow Mushroom

Curbside pick-up and delivery only. 11am – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 972-9366. Menu.


Takeout, curbside, pick-up and delivery only. Order online or call (434) 284-5165. Menu.

Modern Nosh

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. 11am – 4pm. Free kid’s meal with each adult meal. Call (434) 202-8098. Menu.

Moe’s Originial BBQ:  Ivy Road and Water Street

Takeout, curbside pickup, and boxed and catered meals. Call (434) 244-7427 (Ivy Road) or (434) 202-2288 (Water Street).

Mona Lisa Pasta

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Order by email at or call (434) 295-2494. Menus.

Monsoon Siam

Takeout and delivery. Mon-Thurs 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-8:30pm; Fri 11am-2:30pm, 5-9pm; Sat-Sun 12-2:30pm, 5-9pm. Order online or call (434) 971-1515. Menu.

Now & Zen

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. 5-9pm. Call (434) 971-1177. Menu.

Oakhurst Inn Cafe

Takeout only. Friday, 8:30am – 1pm. Sat-Sun, 9am – 1pm. Call (434) 872-0100 x 2. Menu.


Curbside pick-up and delivery of food and retail wine. Call (434) 975-6796. Menu.

Paradox Pastry

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. 8am – 2 pm. Call (434) 245-2253. Menu.

Pearl Island

Mon-Fri 11am – 8 pm. Saturday 10am – 4pm. Also available for “micro-catering.” Call or text (434) 305-4238. Menu.

Petit Mariebette

Takeout, curbside pick-up, and delivery only. 8am-2pm. Order online or call. Menu.

Poke Sushi Bowl

Takeout only. Order online or call (434) 328-8833 (The Corner) or (434) 284-5466 (Barracks). Menu.


Takeout only. Order online. Free meals for all school children. Menu.


Curbside pick-up. Mon-Thu 12pm – 7pm, Friday 12pm – 8pm, Saturday 3 – 8pm. Order online or call (434) 465-2421. Menu.


Takeout only. Order online: PrestonPantops.

Tara Thai

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 984-9998. Menu.

Taste of India

Takeout and delivery. Order online or call (434) 984-9944. Menu.

Thai 99 II

Curbside pick-up and delivery only. 11:30 am – 9:30 pm. Closed Tuesdays. Order online or call (434) 964-1212. Menu.

Thai Cuisine & Noodle House

Curbside pick-up and delivery. Order online and then call (434) 974-1326 to have food brought to your car. For delivery, $25 minimum or $5 fee if under. Call for availability. Menu

The Bebedero

Takeout and delivery only. Family meals available. 11am – 7pm. Call (434) 234-3762. Menu.

The Catering Outfit: TCO2GO

Drive-thru meals. Mon-Sun, 12-8pm. Menu changes daily. Look for the big white tent at 221 Carlton Road. Menu.

The Local

Curbside pickup or delivery, in tandem with Junction. 4 – 9pm. “Ten for Ten” comfort food meals. $10 per meal, inclusive of tax and delivery. All proceeds to staff. Order online. Menu.

The Mill Room

Takeout and nearby delivery. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Family meals for orders placed by 2pm. Menus.

The Pie Chest

Takeout and curbside pick-up. Mon – Sat, 9am – 4pm. For curbside pick-up, call (434) 977-0443. Menu.

The Shebeen

Curbside pick-up, 10am – 7pm. Discounted regular menu. Call (434) 296-3185. Regular Menu. Plus, Family Meal Menu.

The Southern Crescent

Takeout and curbside pick-up only. Wed-Sun, 12:00pm-8:00pm. Call (434) 284-5101. Menu.

The Whiskey Jar

Takeout and delivery only. Family meals available. 11am – 7pm. Call (434) 202-1549. Menu.

Thyme & Co. 

Takeout only. 11am – 3pm. Call (434) 282-2436. Menu.

Timberwood Grill

Takeout and cburside pick-up only. Order online or call (434) 975-3311. Menu.

Timberwood Taphouse

Takeout and curbside pick-up only of food and beer. 11am-8pm. Order online or call (434) 234-3563.  Menu.

Vita Nova

Takeout. Order online or call (434) 977-0162. Menu.


Take out, curbside pick-up, and delivery within two miles. 5-9pm. Order by email or call (434) 979-0994. Leave a message with name, phone number and desired pick up time. Menu.