Charlottesville Croissant Tasting Lineup

by Charlottesville29

At 5:08 pm on June 16, 2023, WINA will broadcast a blind tasting of Charlottesville’s top croissants, after which croissant-lover Ryan Davidson will pick her favorite. For listeners following along, below is the order in which the croissants will be tasted. Tune in at 5:08 to learn about the croissants, and see who wins!

Update: The broadcast is compete, and is available here:

  1. Albemarle Baking Company – Gerry Newman
  2. MarieBette / Petite MarieBette – Patrick Evans
  3. Cou Cou Rachou – Rachel De Jong
  4. Bizou – Vincent Derquenne
  5. Gearharts – David Sobel
  6. Bowerbird Bakeshop – Earl Vallery
  7. Quirk Cafe