Charlottesville 2023 Best New Restaurant: Smyrna

What can be said about Smyrna that has not already been said? With exquisite food and warm hospitality, the year’s surprise hit quickly earned a cadre of regulars, including some of Charlottesville best chefs. Café Frank‘s Jose de Brito calls it “one of the best additions to the Charlottesville food scene of the last few years.” Lampo’s Loren Mendosa said he was blown away by his meal. And, The Ivy Inn’s Angelo Vangelopoulos says he tried almost everything on the menu, and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

What is it? Chef and co-owner Tarik Sengul calls it “traditional Anatolian cuisine, cooked with Appalachian ingredients, using modern techniques.” Whatever it is, among a stellar group of finalists, Smyrna is Charlottesville 2023 Best New Restaurant.