#28: BLT – Blue Moon Diner

Photo by Do Me A Flavor.


What some call the king of sandwiches, the BLT can be two different things depending on the time of year. In August, it is largely a vehicle for enjoying thick slices of ripe, local tomatoes. The rest of the year, when tomatoes are out of season, they recede into the ensemble – and the sandwich becomes one whose sum is often greater than its parts.

At Blue Moon Diner, the BLT is delicious all year round. With a classic sandwich, the food-lovers who run the diner have the good sense to leave well enough alone, and don’t mess with tweaks or adornments. As a result, it’s the type of BLT that can transport you to childhood moments of first discovering the sandwich’s magic. No ingredient steals center stage. Instead, the toast, Duke’s mayo, lettuce, tomato, and bacon seem to meld into the very harmony that BLT cravings covet.

#28: BLT – Blue Moon Diner
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches

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