End 2021 With a Good Deed: Help These Charlottesville Food Community Members in Need

by Charlottesville29

When one has a need, others rush to fill it. That’s how the Charlottesville food community works. Please consider helping these people in great need.

This week a fire destroyed the home of the a family beloved by the Charlottesville food community. The Izaguirre family, who run Crazy Farm, are alive only because they jumped from the second floor window to escape a fire that took everything they had. They are now starting from the ground up and would appreciate anything you can give to help them purchase clothes, food, kitchen supplies, bedding, and other necessities. Donate here.

Meanwhile, Vivace’s Landon Saul is one of the most generous people in town. Even as restaurants fought for survival during the pandemic, Saul continued to donate his time and money to those in need. Now, Saul is asking for help for someone he calls his hero, his brother Tim, Executive Chef of JPJ Arena, who also has long given his own time and money to Charlottesville’s community members in need. Tim has been hospitalized battling health issues that include heart failure, sepsis, a blood infection, and now blindness. Landon and Tim would appreciate anything you can give during this extremely difficult time. Donate here.