Five Finds on Friday: Charlie Xavier

by Charlottesville29

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from the VCU Burn Center, where Patch Brewery’s Charlie Xavier is fighting for her life. On the morning of September 10, Xavier was sanding a children’s chalkboard for the brewery’s play area, when the sander dropped, sparked, and caused an explosion that engulfed her in flames. Xavier suffered third-degree burns on 85% of her body and was airlifted to the hospital, where doctors doubted she could survive. In the four weeks since the accident, Xavier has endured near-constant pain and nineteen surgeries.

And yet, her spirit remains strong, as her husband documents daily at Cheering on Charlie. So strong that this week she is sharing her love of Charlottesville food from her hospital bed. Due to a tracheostomy, Xavier cannot speak, and so she patiently mouthed the words for her Five Finds on Friday to her husband, who transcribed them.

The mother of two young boys faces many challenges ahead, and a fund has been created to help her and her family. You can help here and learn more about her story.  Xavier’s picks:

1) Al Pastor Taco at Tacos Gomez. “I am a lover of Mexican Food, and when we discovered Tacos Gomez food truck, I was hooked. We try to grab dinner or lunch to go. The green sauce is the best.”

2) Smoked Turkey on an Everything with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Munster Cheese, Bean Sprouts, Avocado and Mayo from Bodo’s. “Love me some Bodo’s. When I am out between play dates with the boys, Bodo’s is a must.”

3) Any Taco from Brazos Tacos. “As mentioned before, I love Mexican food. When I am at the IX with the kids or as family, we will always grab some tacos at Brazos Tacos. I love the Tex-Mex influence.”

4) Chicken Cemita from Al Carbon. “I really enjoy the chicken at Al Carbon, and the cemita with the roasted chicken is just incredible. I really enjoy the fresh Oaxacan cheese, and the fresh bread. I discovered Al Carbon when next door they had Chew Chew Town – our oldest son used to love that place.”

5) Princess Cake from Albemarle Baking Company. “It is no secret that I love sweets, but the princess cake is the one that I must have on my birthday. My husband André already knows what cake I always want for my birthday. I can’t even explain why I like it so much. It is just the best cake in the world.”