In the Wake of COVID-19, The 2021 Charlottesville 29 Makes Room for One More

by Charlottesville29

But wait, there’s more.

Ordinarily, the annual update of The Charlottesville 29 reflects openings, closings, and changes in quality. This year, however, circumstances warranted a one-time exemption from cuts for changes in quality, because whatever the criteria might be for The Charlottesville 29, they do not include: “ability to thrive during a pandemic.” Therefore, all 28 restaurants of The 2020 Charlottesville 29 that survived the pandemic are automatically included in The 2021 Charlottesville 29.

While the sole 2020 closure would typically leave just one opening for new entries to The 2021 Charlottesville 29, again an exception is warranted. To limit this year’s additions to just one would concede an unnecessary victory to COVID-19. Therefore, this year it will be The Charlottesville 29 +1. Barring any more pandemics, this is a one-time change: the Charlottesville 29 will return to a list of 29 in 2022.

Joining Conmole as one of two new entrants, the final entry into The 2021 Charlottesville 29 is Belle.