Thanksgiving 2020: In an unusual year, thank Charlottesville restaurants by leaving the feast to them

by Charlottesville29

A BBQ Exchange Thanksgiving

One consequence of the pandemic is that more restaurants than ever are offering Thanksgiving meals, both to-go and on-site. In an unusual year, supporting local restaurants is a great way to express thanks on Thanksgiving. Links to restaurants’ Thanksgiving offerings:

Al Carbon Chicken – to-go rotisserie Turkeys and sides (sold out)

Bavarian Chef – on-premises dining, 11:30 am – 6 pm

BBQ Exchange – to-go feasts priced per person

Bizou – custom to-go feasts portioned for 6-8

Ivy Inn Restaurant – on-premises dining, 12-6 pm

Ivy Provisions – to-go feasts for four, or a la carte

Keevil & Keevil – to-go Beef Wellington and a la carte items

Laura Fonner Catering – a la carte feast packages to-go

Maya Restaurant – to-go family dinners for four

Moe’s Original BBQ – whole smoked turkeys, a la carte to-go menu

Red Hub Food Co. – packages per person, a la carte to-go menu

Shadwells – to-go feasts for four, or a la carte

Smoked – whole smoked Turkeys, a la carte to-go menu

The Batesville Market – a la carte menu to-go

The Catering Outfit – Thanksgiving boxes for four

The Wolf’s Fixins Barbecue – whole smoked turkeys, a la carte to-go menu and packages for six

The Local – to-go feasts for four