Auction: Five Pillars Ale

by Charlottesville29


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Five Pillars Ale is an exclusive collaboration between Charlottesville 29 auction winners and Champion Brewing Company brewed in celebration of the five life principles on which Tony Bennett built the reigning National Champion UVa Men’s Basketball program: humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness. A description of the beer is below, and the full story behind it is here, including how the beer’s creators are putting it to a use true its name: helping others.

COVID-19 postponed plans for the beer’s release, but now you can be the first to own this extraordinary Virginia pale ale, all while providing meals to those in need. The threat of COVID-19 has created an urgent, unprecedented crisis for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, which helps to provide meals for our area’s food insecure. The number of Charlottesville residents seeking assistance from the food bank has tripled during the COVID-19 crisis. In the Five Pillars Ale Auction, whoever pledges the largest donation to the food bank will win not just the beer, but also a package of Five Pillars Ale memorabilia, including coasters signed by Tony Bennett. Every dollar of the winning bid goes directly to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

Five Pillars Ale Auction Package

2 Sixtels of Five Pillars Ale 
4 Five Pillars Ale Pint Glasses
2 Five Pillars Ale Keg Caps
2 Five Pillars Ale Coasters Signed by Tony Bennett
A one-year subscription to The Sabre Edge 

Note: a sixtel holds 640 oz (40+ pints) and requires cold storage. Local pick-up in Charlottesville. The winner may pick up one sixtel at a time.


Place your bids by email to Public bidding ends on April 20, after which all prior bidders will have the chance to continue bidding until only one bidder remains, and a winner is declared — the first to own Five Pillars Ale. Regular updates of the leading bid will be posted below.

Current Bid: $2,500

Five Pillars Ale 


A hoppy Virginia pale ale brewed in celebration of the life principles on which the UVa Men’s Basketball program stands

Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo
5.5% ABV
44 IBU
12.5 degrees Plato

Brewer’s’ notes:

Appearance:  golden in color with slight haze
Aroma:  blueberry, lime, white wine grapes, gooseberry, spicy piney resin
Flavor: Mosaic hop forward, with abundant tropical fruit and blueberry