#FeedCharlottesville: Keevil & Keevil Launches Initiative to Feed Hundreds of Daily Meals to Those in Need

by Charlottesville29

keevil kitchen

Keevil & Keevil Grocery and Kitchen is temporarily suspending commercial operations to devote all resources to feed those in need.

The Belmont shop run by Jennifer Keevil and her husband Harrison had already been leaving out twenty free lunches each day for those in need. Now, as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the Charlottesville economy, the shop will shift to an exclusive focus on feeding those in need: #FeedCharlottesville.

By April 13th, #FeedCharlottesville aims to provide 500 free meals per day, and is working now to identify recipients and develop distribution. In the meantime, the initiative will begin this Monday, March 30, with production of 150 meals daily — breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

“At the end of the day this is what we are supposed to do,” said Jennifer. “Take care of our neighbors in their time of need.” Harrison agrees, and sees #FeedCharlottesville as a win-win – a way not only to feed those in need but also to support local farmers, whose business are suffering during the COVID-19 crisis. #FeedCharlottesville will purchase and use as many local ingredients as possible.

“As a child, I was regaled with stories of my Great Grandfather, Sir Ambrose Keevil, who helped on the home front during and after WWII by getting food to people who needed it,” said Harrison. “I thought about that burning desire to do something good for others that he must of felt.” That inspired Keevil to take action now. “I love my community,” Keevil said, “and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that those who need something good to eat will have access to it.” 

How to Help

#FeedCharlottesville is creating a fund to support its efforts. Until the fund is established, the initiative is accepting donations through Venmo @keevil-kitchen. Donors should use #FeedCharlottesville in the subject line.

How to Get Help

If you know of a group or individuals that could benefit from these meals, email keevilkitchen@gmail.com.