Help a Charlottesville Restaurant Family in Need

by Charlottesville29

Szechuan2While COVID-19 is taking a toll on all of us, some people’s situations are particularly dire. Please see this message from Ann Yu, whose parents have run Szechuan Restaurant for more than three decades, and who are at acute risk of COVID-19. Note that she is not asking for a handout. Rather, gift certificate purchases for needed cash flow:

Hi friends. Some of you might know that my parents own a small, local, Chinese restaurant in Charlottesville. Those close to me know of my parent’s health struggles and know that they are both very immunocompromised. Despite their health struggles, they have worked 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week for over 30+ years to provide for my grandma, my sisters and me. I’m sure you all know and are experiencing personal economic distress due to the spread of COVID19. It is especially hitting those who own small, local businesses – who depend on daily consumers to pay bills. My sisters and I want our parents to stop working as soon as they can and remain not working, as they are not fully healthy but still need to stay open to alleviate financial stress. I honestly feel uncomfortable with sharing this personal information, but I feel desperate and cannot do much to help my parents except for this.

If you are able to help, you can buy a gift certificate in two ways. You can purchase via paypal:, and please add your address under the notes. Or, you may Venmo me @annkayu, switch the payment to PRIVATE, and write your address under the notes & I’ll send a gift certificate your way!

Much love, virtual hugs and kisses and support to everyone.