Five Finds on Friday: Carrie Hodgkins


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Carrie Hodgkins, the co-founder of Women Involved Through Charlottesville Hospitality (WITCH), who recently ended a great run at Lost Saint to become Managing Director of The Elysium Honey Co.. Founded by W.L. Lyons Brown III, Elysium’s mission is to use “best practices of land and hive management here and abroad to provide the healthiest forage for honeybees and the purest single expression of honeys.” Elysium says: “Given healthy forage, bees will prosper. When bees prosper, we prosper.” Check out their honeys here. Hodgkins’ picks:

1) Tofu Banh Mi at Vu Noodles/The Spot. “A recent discovery, and my latest obsession. The tofu is perfectly seasoned, and the texture of the bread is perfect.”

2) Melanzane alla Parmigiana at Tavola. “I make a really good eggplant parmesan at home, but this dish takes it to another level. The delicate thinness of the eggplant, and the balance of the acid from the tomatoes with the ricotta cheese is spectacular. This paired with whatever Steve Yang and Becca Edwards are serving up at the Cicchetti Bar, and I’m happy as can be.”

3) Fried and Raw Brussels Sprouts at Brasserie Saison. “I have loved the Brussels at Brasserie since they opened their doors. The texture and abundance of flavor make this a dish I can eat multiple times a week. This paired with whatever the stellar staff suggests I drink that day and you’ve got a shining example of what makes this place The Charlottesville 29 Best New Restaurant.”

4) Funghi Pizza at Lampo. “My brothers played on a soccer team sponsored by Lampo, and the back of one of their jerseys said Funghi. It made me hungry just reading it. This pizza is always accompanied by a glass of the Otto Uve, the only wine I drink on a regular basis.”

5) Affogato at Splendora’s. “PK is a flavor genius, and the gelato at Splendora’s is amazing whichever way you choose to enjoy it. But, when I’m feeling the need for a true treat, I love mine drowned in espresso.”