Caromont Farm Goat Snuggling and Fundraiser

by Charlottesville29


Photo by Justin Ide.

Caromont Farm, the award-winning producer of goat cheeses, caused an overnight sensation back in 2016 by inviting the public to the farm to snuggle goats – a service that not only charmed visitors but also helped to alleviate the burden of caring for newborn goats. The farm’s call to action went viral, triggering interest from people as far as thousands of miles away.

Well, it’s kidding season again, and this year Caromont Farm’s Gail Hobbes-Page hopes to channel the popularity of goat snuggling for a good cause – one that is dear to Hobbes-Page’s heart. At this year’s goat snuggling Open Houses, Caromont Farm will serve free delicious food in the hope that visitors will donate funds to Southern Albemarle DACA Families. Hobbes-Page is a world class chef, so you can expect the food to be good. Follow the Caromont Farm Facebook page for details and to reserve your spots for the ticketed snuggling sessions. And, please consider donating what you can.