Jura Dinner with Tucker Yoder and Erin Scala

by Charlottesville29


He’s an acclaimed chef who once ran the kitchen of a Relais & Chateaux property. She’s a beloved sommelier, wine writer, and podcaster. What Tucker Yoder and Erin Scala share is a love of Jura, the French wine region between Burgundy and Switzerland known for eccentric grape varietals. For years, Yoder and Scala have wanted to team together for a dinner showcasing the region, and now they are.

“The food-friendly wines of Jura are singular,” sasy Scala. The whites fall along a spectrum of “flor,” a slowly-oxidizing yeast blanket that rests on the surface of the wine in barrel. “Wines can present no flor, hints of flor, or extreme flor-influenced aromas, and flavors,” Scala says. “We’ll explore a few examples during the dinner.” The reds, meanwhile, range from soft fruit aromas to dense meatiness, Scala says. “Some of the reds can confuse the senses,” she says, “when they look as pale as rosé but taste as rich and complex as a pinot noir.”

The dinner is Sunday, November 5, at Back 40 restaurant, where Yoder is head chef. Menu below. (“I’m just here for the food!”?) Tickets are $115 each, and only 20 will be sold. Get yours here.


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