Parallel 38 is Back!


When Parallel 38 announced in January that it was closing, regulars were devastated. In its three years at Stonefied, the restaurant earned a spot on The Charlottesville 29, was named C-VILLE’s Best New Restaurant, won raves from Tom Sietsema, and developed a loyal following that even included many top chefs. In 2016, for example, former Clifton Inn chef Craig Hartman said the best thing he ate all year was at Parallel 38, while in 2015 another former Clifton Inn chef, Christian Kelly, said the same thing. Among those lamenting the loss of their favorite restaurant was food podcaster Jenée Libby, who penned a heartfelt eulogy.

Well, now they have reason to rejoice. Parallel 38 is re-opening at 817 West Main Street. Co-owner Justin Ross admits he considered other projects after a lease disagreement forced the January closure. But, in the end, the pull of Parallel 38 was too strong, particularly after finding what Ross deems to be a perfect location on West Main, the former home of L’Etoile.  “We took one look at the new space and it screamed Parallel 38 to us,” Ross says.

Guests can expect a similar menu of mezze from Parallel 38’s same chef as before closing, Johnny Garver. “We will still have our core menu items,” Ross says, “but our new location will allow us to be more adventurous, so expect this menu to be a bit more fun.”

For the restaurant’s rebirth, Parallel 38’s customers have themselves to thank, at least in part. “The support that this community showed us in our final weeks was one of the more amazing things I have witnessed,” says Ross. “It showed us that we had accomplished our goal to become a part of this amazing community, and we can’t wait for our new opportunity to do it all over again.”

Check back for an opening date, which should be next month. And, welcome back Parallel 38.