Five Finds on Friday: Novi Beerens

by Charlottesville29


Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Novi Beerens, Instore Coordinator at Wegmans. There are far more products at Wegmans than there are restaurant dishes in Charlottesville. And, as the deer-in-the-headlights looks on many customers’ faces reveal, the selection of 60,000 items can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Beerens knows where the good stuff is. Beerens’ five insider picks at Wegmans:

1) Marathon Bread. “Great, healthy breakfast to start my day. It is made with organic flour, banana, carrot, apple and sunflower seeds.”

2) 1916 Aged Goat Cheese. “A soft goat cheese, slightly tangy and creamy.”

3) Calamari. “A popular happy hour item from our Pub by Wegmans, the calamari is lightly battered, fried with capers and Tuscan herbs, and served with lemon and marinara sauce.”

4) Myojo Chukazanmai Instant Ramen. “I love the soy sauce flavored. Yes, it is instant ramen, but it has still got a chewy texture like fresh ramen.”

5) Champion 5th St IPA. “An IPA that Champion Brewing Company brews exclusively for our Charlottesville store Pub.”