Kokoro Becomes Mican But Nothing Else Changes

by Charlottesville29


New year, new name. Kokoro is now known as Mican. But, don’t worry. Nothing else is changing about the beloved Japanese restaurant on the downtown mall.

The change results from a trademark challenge by a restaurant in Colorado, also named Kokoro.  Several months ago, Kokoro’s owner Yoshihiro Tauchi received a letter from attorneys for the Colorado restaurant demanding that Tauchi change the name of his restaurant or face legal action.  After consulting with his own attorneys, Tauchi decided not to fight the challenge.

Mican means orange in Japanese, and the name is an homage to Tauchi’s hometown, Matsuyama, Ehime, which is known for its oranges. In fact, the mascot of Matsuyama is now the mascot for Mican.

While Tauchi and his staff love the new name, it was not easy parting with the old one.  Kokoro, which means heart, is a term with special meaning in Japanese culture and personally to Tauchi’s family. In addition, Tauchi is concerned about the public perception of a name change.  Customers may presume that the restaurant is under new ownership or that the change somehow signals that the restaurant is struggling.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Business is better than ever.

But, a drop in business after the name change could validate Tauchi’s concerns. To avoid this, let’s all go eat as much sushi as possible at Mican.  It sure would be a delicious way to help out.  And, after an indulgent holiday season,  it would be a healthy one too. Long live Mican.