Champion’s Fruitbasket Double IPA

by Charlottesville29


When we first had Champion Brewing Company’s Fruitbasket Double IPA last winter, we wondered if it might be the best Virginia beer we had ever tasted.  But, before declaring it such, we thought we should wait for the next batch to be released, to see if it was just as good.  So, we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

All year long, in fact.

Until 1 pm today.  That’s when Champion released the beer, for the first time ever, in bottles. It’s on tap, too.  And, to mark the occasion, Two Brothers Southwestern Grill food truck will be on hand to serve sustenance, which is probably a good thing given the beer’s 8% ABV.  Champion takes a double IPA, extravagantly hopped with just Mosaic hops, and adds red grapefruit, blood orange, and starfruit.  70 IBUs.  Hops and fruit.  Fruit and hops. Head on over to get yours before it’s gone.  6 bottle limit per customer.

So, a year later, what’s the verdict? Is it our favorite beer made in Virginia?