Must Try: Miso Caramels from Gearhart’s

by Charlottesville29


Umami lovers take note!

Miso Caramels, now available at Gearhart’s, are unlike any we’ve ever tasted.  And, they’re delicious.

Tim Gearhart, long recognized as among the nation’s best chocolatiers, is branching further and further into the world of caramels, and his latest creation has been on his mind for years.  Gearhart, a former pastry chef, once created a dessert using a miso caramel sauce, which was so well received that he considered bottling it.  Gearhart eventually decided it would be simpler to use the concept for caramel candies instead.  To the standard caramel formula of butter, sugar, and cream, Gearhart adds Miso paste and toasted sesame seeds.  The result is a sweet and savory umami bomb that, because of its rich, meaty flavor, does something that many sweets cannot: satisfies.