Two for Tuesday: October 9, 2012

by Charlottesville29

1)  Salmon Nigiri at Kabuto Sushi & Teppanyaki.   Everyone has their own litmus test for trying a new sushi place.  Ours is salmon nigiri, one of our standard sushi orders.  Kabuto, the new Japanese restaurant opened by a former partner in Tokyo Rose, passes easily.   Silky salmon, skilfully sliced, rests atop rice seasoned with just the right amount of vinegar.   This is particularly welcome news to those who live east of town, an area that has long been a wasteland for sushi lovers.  Kabuto is in Rivanna Ridge shopping center on Pantops mountain, and even has plans for free delivery soon.

2)  The Fat and Sassy at Dr. Ho’s Humble Pie.  What’s not to love about this so-called “garlic cheese bread,” which is essentially a pizza with the sauce on the side? The yeasty, blistered crust is smothered with melted cheddar and mozzarella, as well as whole cloves of roasted garlic that are so soft that they can be spread all over.   On the side for dipping are cups of house made ranch dressing and marinara sauce.  While we loved The Fat and Sassy from the start, our love morphed into a full blown obsession when we began adding toppings.  The one pictured here has spinach and house made Italian sausage.  But, with ingredients as good as those at Dr. Ho’s, it’s hard to think you could go wrong.