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Five Finds on Friday: Will Curley


Porron skills.

Today’s Five Finds on Friday come from Will Curley, Wine Buyer for Ten Course Hospitality and Manager at Brasserie Saison, which has just launched its onsite brewery and will soon open a basement bar called Coat Room. The reservation-only, wood-paneled dining space below Brasserie Saison will offer an exclusive list of special beer, wine and cocktails. Curley’s picks:

1) Maiale Milanese at Tavola. “Call it comfort food, fat kid food, or just happy food, this is the dish that I think about days in advance of any meal at Tavola.  The grilled lemon sauce with peppery arugula and a perfectly fried pork cutlet hit all the high notes and are best paired with whatever Wine Director Priscilla Martin wants to pour that day.”

2) Al Pastor Tacos at La Michoacana. “Moving from Chicago to Charlottesville has brought some amazing things; a role at a great new restaurant, the chance to meet people inside and outside the wine & restaurant world, and a gorgeous, historical town with an amazing food & drink scene.  What I miss most, however, is the breadth of Mexican food options that were available to me in Chicago. From Nayarit-style seafood to Oaxacan moles, the varieties of delicious, affordable food there are seemingly endless.  Overall, The Bebedero is top-to-bottom my favorite Mexican in town, but sometimes you want filling, cheap and quick, and La Michoacana is all three.”

3) Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Riverside Lunch. “Chef Tyler Teass introduced me to this Charlottesville staple recently, and I’m still upset at him for not showing me sooner.  Smash burgers > pub burgers.  Cheap beer and the friendliest wait staff.”

4) Frisee Salad at Petit Pois. “My favorite and most-visited restaurant in Chicago was a tiny neighborhood bistro, and I was happy to discover that same soul at Petit Pois.  Classics are classics for a reason, and the combination of egg yolk, lardons, frisee and a perfectly balanced mustard vin make a great light lunch.  Pro tip: combine with chicken liver mousse, escargot and a bottle of rose, and kiss your afternoon goodbye.”

5) Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit from Timbercreek Market. “Chef Tucker’s light, fluffy, gigantic biscuit sandwich is the perfect way to start your day, even more so when your day starts at 11 am after a long Saturday night service. Plus, Tucker is always happy to talk shop and give advice on the restaurant scene here in town.”

Timbercreek Market


722 Preston Avenue . Charlottesville, VA . (434) 202-8052

Why Timbercreek Market?

Opened in 2015 to sell meat and produce from Timbercreek Farm and other local sources, Timbercreek Market’s food service warrants praise in its own right. Using the market’s products, there are many good parts of their food service, adding up to one great whole. For breakfast, there are fresh biscuit sandwiches; for lunch, sandwiches, salads, soup, and daily specials; and, anytime of day you can enjoy a cheese platter from an award-winning cheese-monger or your chosen steak from the butcher’s case, grilled to order. On top of all of that, Thursday through Saturday evening the market morphs into a full-service sit-down restaurant.

Overseeing it all is former Clifton Inn chef Tucker Yoder, once named one of Charlottesville’s Rising Stars. While the morning and afternoon offerings show the touch of a talented kitchen, it’s at dinner when the acclaimed chef really shines, with creative dishes from local produce that could not be any fresher or more local.

What to Order

Given the excellent ingredients and the kitchen’s attention to detail, it’s hard to go wrong at Timbercreek Market. Lunch specials, in particular, are almost always standouts. Below are our suggestions, the chef and owners’ favorites, and appearances in Five Finds on Friday, where a local chef or personality has named a Timbercreek Market dish one of the best in town.

Our Picks

  • Daily Lunch Specials (like the Pork Belly Sandwich)
  • Steak on a Plate
  • Cheese Plate
  • House-baked Sourdough (dinner)
  • Chicken Liver Mousse Tart (dinner)
  • Roasted Pumpkin “Bolognese” (dinner)

Chef-Owner Picks

  • Chicken Liver Mousse Tart
  • Roasted Pumpkin “Bolognese”
  • Steak on a Plate

Five Finds on Friday Picks

Korean Style Ribs at Timbercreek Market


Series: Great Dishes of 2016

The aroma hit me as soon as I opened the car door. I was in the parking lot of Kardinal Hall, where my children and I were headed for Sunday brunch. But, the potent aroma of seasoned meat on the grill was coming from next door, Timbercreek Market. On the way into brunch, I managed to resist its lure, but on the way out, I was toast. Too irresistible. So, I dragged two reluctant kids into the market.

Chef Allie Redshaw left Timbercreek Market in August, but her tenure was so prolific that I would check the market’s website almost daily to see what specials she had created. All were good, many were outstanding, but the one that stood out most was the source of the irresistible aroma: Korean Style Ribs. Redshaw used Timbercreek pork ribs, of course, which she cooked sous vide for 20 hours in ginger and lard. Next, she threw them on the grill, and adorned them with fermented black beans, sesame seeds, and pickled Calabrian chilis.

Even though I had just eaten brunch, I knew I had to order some. “I’ll bring them home for my wife,” I rationalized. When I got home, my wife was duly impressed. “I can’t believe how good these are,” she said. Me either.

Redshaw now runs her own catering company, Sobo Catering & Production, covering events in New York and Charlottesville, while the rest of us wait to see what she decides to do next.