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Introducing Butcher on Main


More big news from Timbercreek Market. They already had the nation’s top cheesemonger. And, then they nabbed one of the area’s top chefs. Now, expansion.

This weekend, Timbercreek will take over The Organic Butcher space in Main Street Market, and rename it Butcher on Main. “The Organic Butcher was the first company to offer Virginia-farmed fresh meats to Charlottesville consumers,” says longtime owner Ryan Ford. “Eleven years later, we are excited to pass the baton.” The move will allow Ford to devote more time to Seven Hills, the Lynchburg meat processing plant that Ford over-hauled and re-launched last year, creating the largest independent slaughter facility in Virginia and greatly increasing access to products from small local farms.

Timbercreek co-owner Sara Miller says that they had hoped to partner with Seven Hills since before Seven Hills even opened. Miller sees it as a perfect fit, as Butcher on Main will feature products from both Timbercreek Farm and Seven Hills. Current customers can expect many of the same options as The Organic Butcher, Miller says, in addition to new Timbercreek products, including pork and charcuterie. After a quick re-model, Butcher on Main will open on Friday, September 23. Follow along on Facebook here.

“Through Timbercreek Farm and Market, the Millers have shown deep commitment and passion for building local food systems,” says Ford. “And I feel they will be excellent stewards of the butcher shop that was built by an amazingly loyal group of customers and an all-star cast of people who doubled as meat-cutters.”

Yoder Succeeds Redshaw at Timbercreek Market


Talk about landing on your feet. Lose one of the area’s top young chefs, and turn around and snag another star.

Since opening last year, Timbercreek Market’s kitchen has been run by chef Allie Redshaw, the former Pippin Hill sous chef whose inspired sandwiches, brunches, dinners, and take-home meals have been among the culinary highlights of Charlottesville’s last twelve months. So, it was sad to learn this weekend that she had decided to move on. In the short term, Redshaw says, the change will allow more time with her infant daughter Sawyer, but she admits there are aspects of the market she will miss. “I loved the aspect of whole animal butchery,” Redshaw says, “and having the opportunity to use every part of the animal.”

Losing a talent like Redshaw was not easy for Timbercreek Market. “It is always hard to lose a valued team member,” says co-owner Sara Miller, “especially one as creative as Allie Redshaw.” The market had recently begun a dinner series which particularly showcased Redshaw’s talent. A dashi noodle bowl she served at one dinner is on a short list of my favorite dishes of the year.

But, as sad as Miller was to lose her chef, she is thrilled by Redshaw’s successor: former Clifton Inn chef Tucker Yoder.  “I am like a kid at Christmas,” says Miller, who says she needed Yoder to repeat his acceptance several times for her to believe it.

Before leaving Clifton Inn in 2014, Yoder presided over one of Charlottesville’s most prestigious kitchens for more than four years. In 2013, he was named one of Charlottesville’s four Rising Star chefs. “What I love about Tucker’s presentation and approach to cooking,” says Miller, “is it’s just about the food.”

So how did a former Executive Chef of a Relais & Chateaux restaurant wind up at a market and butcher? In the eighteen months since leaving, several opportunities have come Yoder’s way, but none captured his interest like Timbercreek, where he will have the rare chance to partner directly with a farmer and producer. “I am really excited to be working hand and hand with an excellent local producer to create memorable food experiences,” says Yoder. Also appealing to Yoder is the youth of Timbercreek’s dinner program, which means he can help to build and shape it.

In addition to leading the kitchen, Yoder will provide guidance to Timbercreek Farm’s gardener.  At Clifton, Yoder oversaw the inn’s garden, and Yoder again looks forward to choosing what produce to grow for his cuisine and when.

Redshaw’s last day at the market will be August 26th. Yoder begins September 6. His first dinner service is September 8, and the market is already taking reservations. Reservation info here.

Five Finds on Friday: Sara Miller


On Fridays, we feature five food finds from local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Sara Miller, who, with her husband Zach, runs Timbercreek Farm, and now, the brand new Timbercreek Market.  One of the hottest openings of the year, the market celebrated its grand opening this week in the Coca-Cola building on Preston.  For her picks, Miller focused on sweets.  As she explained: “I am passionate about a lot of things but meat, beer and SWEETS are at the top of my list! I have always had a sweet tooth and now that we have three kids I finally have a gang that will happily enjoy sweets with me anytime of day. Here are my favorite go to spots for something sweet:”

1)  Princess Cake at Albemarle Baking Company. “I am a cookie girl but I have to admit my favorite sweet at ABC is the princess cake. At least twice a week my three-year old asks, ‘Did you go to Gerry’s today?’ or ‘We need to go to Gerry’s mama!’ Hard to find a place that is a crowd pleaser when you have age ranges from 33 to 3 and at ‘Gerry’s’ we can all find something we love!”

2)  Peanut Butter Balls at Feast!. “Warning, they are addicting and yes I have gone to Feast! just for a peanut butter ball. During the holidays they sell them in packages of six and every time I buy the six-pack and they are gone by the time we leave and have to buy another pack to take home to Zach.”

3)  Budino at Lampo.  “Who doesn’t love Lampo or the guys who own Lampo?  The tiny little spot in Belmont has the greatest guys and the best talent packed into one little spot. Yes, the wait can be long but let me tell you it is worth it and save room because the desserts are incredible. Lampo is a spot where ordering dessert first is the right thing to do, as they often sell out of their amazing dishes. My personal favorite is the Budino but really you can’t go wrong with whatever they have left.”

4)  Summer Pie at The Pie Chest.  “My current favorite is the summer pie but the fun thing about Rachel is it is always changing with the seasons. You can’t go wrong and you have to go back often because what is in season changes quickly here in Virginia.”

5)  Chocolate Milkshake at Timberlakes Drug Store.  “Best milkshake in town! I love a great chocolate milkshake, and there isn’t a better spot in town with such smiling nice people every time you go in!”


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