Five Finds on Friday: Aaron Cross

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On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Aaron Cross, executive chef of Fossett’s at Keswick Hall.  On September 12, Keswick will host Dinner in the Vineyard, where guests will dine by torchlight in Keswick’s own Courtside Vineyard on a feast prepared by Cross.  Cross’s picks:

1)  Vegetable Lo Mein at Made in Asia.  “For those who don’t live near Zion Crossroads, it has saved me on many a random night around 9:00 pm in need of grub.  I’m glad it’s there because nothing else is . . . for miles.  I stick to the take-out classics.”

2)  Sandwiches at Stonefire Station Kitchen.  “Fresh, creative, and super tasty.  Great pit stop on a long bike ride.  Famished or not, any of their selections will satisfy.  Grilled eggplant is a big winner.”

3)  “Fuzzy Thing” at Dragon Lady.  “Sometimes you find yourself at the bar of the Dragon Lady drinking something called a ‘fuzzy thing’ after dinner.  Don’t judge me.  The owner told me I needed to have the dan-dan noodles but I was too full to oblige.  Maybe it was Ninja Warrior on the bar television that made this such a uniquely satisfying experience. . . guess you’ll have to cast your own vote.”

4)  All You Can Eat Snow Crab Tuesday at Rhett’s River Grill.  “It does not get any better before Kegler’s for pitchers of 8 point IPA and an ugly shoe fashion show.  The dude abides.”

5)  Sweetbreads at MAS Tapas.  “I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to eating at Mas more than most native Charlottesvillians have, and I’ve only been here a little over a year.  It’s my Friday night after work spot.  It is the only place slinging serious food after 11:00.  Their aioli and cocktails sate all end of day aches . . . or a couple tips on the porron.”