Five Finds on Friday: Eames Coleman


On Fridays, we feature five finds from local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Eames Coleman, sole proprietor of Kareem Abdul Jus-Bar, who says that, in October, a new baby will be born.  “And we shall call him, Blue Star JüsBar and Baja Fish Taqueria,” says Coleman of his new place in Main St. Market across from Seafood @ West Main.  Expect a menu of all kinds of fresh fish tacos, Coleman’s famous ceviche, veggie and vegan tacos, and of course his popular juice and smoothies, as well as “fun stuff” like frozen juice pops and pop-up Sunday brunches. Coleman’s business partner in the new venture is Chas Webster, owner of the Richmond Continental Divide who once ran The Box.  Coleman’s picks:

1)  Hellboy Pizza at Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria.  “Homage to great Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn. Soppressata picante, house made mozzarella, and in-house scorpion pepper honey.”

2)  “Liberita” at MAS Tapas.  “Liberty Kalergis’ margarita.  Not on the menu, but that’s what I call this MAS veteran’s mar’, best around.  Only available Tuesdays and Thursdays, cause this busy mother manages her family on the off days. Go Liberty.”

3)  I Love You So Much at Brazos Tacos.  “That’s the name of the taco! This bad boy has scrambled eggs, chorizo, mashed potatoes, roasted corn salsa, and queso fresco. The name speaks for its self.  Peter Griesar is a king amongst men – a fellow musician killing it in a kitchen!”

4)  Spicy Pork Nachos at  Mono Loco.  “Everything about this place makes want more! From the owners to the dishwashers, these cats run a tight, but fun ship. Never had a bad time on this block and don’t plan on it. A real institution created by smiles, laughter and good times and great fare!”

5)  Meatloaf at Bizou.  “In my first season in Charlottesville for my 24th b- day in 2000, my mother and sister took me there cause mom had heard about this dish. ‘It’s the best, it’s the best,’ she noted in her Italian tone. Guess what, I still don’t need Google cause my mother is always right.”