The Charlottesville 29

If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

Tag: Hunt Country Market

#7: Notorious P.I.G. – Ivy Provisions

Photo by Do Me A Flavor.

The Italian

For many sandwich lovers, it is the ultimate sandwich. When a chef launched a podcast to dive deep into what makes a great sandwich, she devoted an entire episode to The Italian, which she called “everyone’s favorite sandwich.” At its best, it harmonizes elements as well as any other: salt, sweetness, fat, umami, creaminess, richness, crunch, acid, and more. It’s a sandwich where one bite just makes you want several more.

In recognition of the sandwich’s notoriety, when sandwich masters Ivy Provisions opened in 2013, they chose The Italian as their starting point, giving theirs the name Notorious P.I.G. With a team as committed to sandwich excellence as Ivy Provisions, there was purpose behind every decision that went into creating the anchor of their menu. Sure, the elements are typical: Italian cold cuts like salami, prosciutto, and capicola, along with provolone, pickled peppers, onion, lettuce, and a house Italian dressing. But, it is Ivy Provisions’ careful sourcing, portioning, and assembly that makes this the most irresistible Italian sub in town. Grab it by two fists, chomp, and enjoy.

#7: Notorious P.I.G. – Ivy Provisions
The Charlottesville 29 of Sandwiches

Others of Note: Italian Job at Kitchen(ette), My Italian at Belle, The Pelosi at Rapture, Italian Stallion at Hunt Country Market, AJ Soprano at Chickadee, Italian Hoagie at Anna’s Pizza #5, Da Vinci at Mona Lisa, Italian Sub at Tubby’s, Belmont at The Market at Bellair (GFA), Authentic Italian at Foods of All Nations. Vegetarian Alternatives: Vegeletta at Belle, Roasted Vegetable Sandwich at Mona Lisa, The Local at Feast! (GFA), Roasted Vegetable Sandwich at Market Street Market (GFA)

Cville Ham Biscuits

Cville Ham Biscuits are all over Charlottesville: from humble dives to fine dining restaurants, and everywhere in between. We find them in country stores, gas stations, butchers, farms, church suppers, picnics, cookouts, weddings, funerals, coat pockets, and car seats. We eat them to celebrate, to mourn, and for no particular reason at all. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Cville Ham Biscuit knows no boundaries – not race, creed, nor color. And, among the many great ham biscuits around town, no two are the same. Here is where to find some of the best.

Batesville Market
Shaved Kite’s Country Ham with local Elysium honey

Exchange Café
Cheddar chive biscuit with applewood smoked ham and house made bacon fig jam

Jane’s Sweet Potato Biscuit w/ Edwards Country Ham and Va. Chutney Co. Plum Chutney

Hunt Country Market
Country Ham with house made honey mustard

Ivy Inn
Kite’s Country Ham with hickory syrup mustard

JM Stock Provisions
House-made Tasso ham with hot sauce and honey

Paradox Pastry
Kite’s Country Ham with Dijon mustard
(Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday)

The Whiskey Jar
Kite’s Country Ham

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