Five Finds on Friday: Jenny Peterson


Happy Birthday!  Today’s picks in Five Finds on Friday come from Jenny Peterson of Paradox Pastry, the outstanding baker of birthday cakes and much more, whose creations have made several appearances in Two for Tuesday.  Peterson’s picks:

1)  Olde Salt Oyster Stout at Champion Brewing Company.  “All of the beers here are wonderful, but a weekend afternoon spent sliding oysters along with this beer is indelibly etched on my palate.  Perfection.”

2)  Carne Asada at MAS. “I feel so unadventurous and borderline boring by ordering this dish every time I go to Mas.  I just can’t not order it.”

3)  Fried Mussels and Truffled Fries at Skybar.  “We work long days on Fridays at Paradox and afterward, my Sugarista Sue and I head to the Skybar for a refreshing beverage.  The fries are a staple and the mussels have replaced my former favorite, the fried oysters!”

4)  Our Famous Veggie Pizza at Blue Mountain Brewery.  “After delivering wedding cakes to one of the many wineries in the area, I treat myself to this pizza and always offer to share with the folks sitting with me at the bar.”

5)  Blueberry Handpie at Paradox Pastry.  “It’s . . just . . . perfect.  Love you hold in your hand!”