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Five Finds on Friday: Lee Hendrickson


On Fridays, we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities. Today’s picks come from Lee Hendrickson, the new head chef of Red Pump Kitchen.  Hendrickson’s picks:

1)  Tuna Carpaccio at Now & Zen.  “The amount of flavor balance in this dish is so in-sync, and the wasabi vin pulls it all together.”

2)  Elote con Mayonesa at Al Carbon.  “Street food done right is so simple but so tasty.”

3)  Croque Monsieur at Pippin Hill.  “A grilled cheese sandwich is already a win for me, and the salt cured ham and the sweet onion jam really make it their own.”

4)  Chevre from Caromont Farm.  “So rich and creamy and consistent. I love this cheese and love using it in different ways on my menu.”

5)  BBLT at BBQ Exchange.  “With two types of bacon, how can you go wrong? Great place, great people, and great food.”

Five Finds on Friday: Hannah Moster


On Fridays, we feature five food finds from area chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Hannah Moster, sous chef of Hamiltons’ at First & Main, who tomorrow morning is competing against five other top sous chefs in an Iron Chef competition at the Ciy Market, as part of the Tom Tom Founders Festival.  Moster’s picks:

1)  Dan Dan Noodles at Peter Chang’s.  “Never had anything there I didn’t love. The lunch specials Monday through Friday are a great deal, and the hot and sour soup is the best ever! If I don’t get a lunch special, I get a couple apps. I’m addicted to the Dan Dan noodles and hot and numbing shredded tofu skins.”

2)  Pulled Pork at The Barbeque Exchange.  “Best bbq around! Being so close to home, we should really eat there every day. Chef Hartman’s crew, headed up by superman Brooks Tanner, never fails to load us up a massive platter of porkliciousness.”

3)  Tasting Menu with Wine Pairings at Palladio Restaurant.  “I’ve always loved an afternoon of tasting at Barboursville. Luca Paschina’s style is right up my alley. Finish off the evening with a glass of wine and a picnic near the ruins, or if you’re lucky, a luxurious dinner of the tasting menu at Palladio.”

4)  Chicken Wings and PBR at Miller’s Downtown.  “Miller’s has everything! Pool, games, live music, upstairs sports bar and the biggest and best people-watching patio downtown. Fresh new renovation downstairs, but still the same old school style and feel. Huge draft beer selection, and that delicious food you crave. A favorite classic.”

5)  Pizza Margherita at Lampo.  “After the three years I spent living in Italy, it’s soooo great to get to have the real deal original pizza again. Thank you and much respect.”


Five Finds on Friday: Jaclyn Conlogue

Photo by Jen Fariello.

Photo by Jen Fariello.

On Fridays, we feature five foods finds from local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Jaclyn Conlogue, the Culinary Institute of America graduate who is now Manager for Catering and Special Events for The Barbeque Exchange.  This weekend at BBQ Exchange is one of the most swell swine events on earth: Porkapolooza.  Don’t miss it.  Meanwhile, Conlogue’s picks:

1)  Pork Belly anything at BBQ Exchange.  “Working here for the last five years has not diminished my love of pork belly, but fueled it!”

2)  Fried Chicken at BBQ Exchange.  “Only on Porkapolooza weekend, and man, have you got to try this stuff – lard fried, with pork sausage gravy on the side, AND biscuits? Forget that Whole30 diet for this weekend – I plan on eating fried chicken every day!”

3)  Pizza & Sally’s fun Cocktails at Red Pump Kitchen.  “Seriously, I tasted a hundred versions of that pizza dough, and I love it! Trying Sally’s latest libations is always fun too.”

4)  Bocadillo at MAS.  “Many a late night has ended at Mas with a bocadillo and a beer.”

5)  Single Origin Coffees at Shenandoah Joe.  “Anyone who knows me knows of my coffee obsession. Not just any coffee, but the single origin roasts that Dave sources. I love trying the new blends he’s working on, and I am always one of the first to sign up for the Geisha & Esmerelda when it shows up.”


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