Brewer’s Choice: Until Högwaller Brewing’s Own Beer is Ready, the Brewpub Opens with a Tap List of the Their Favorites

If a brewer had to cretate a tap list from beers other than their own, what would they choose? It’s not often a brewer faces the question, but that’s just the position Högwaller brewer and co-owner Mark Fulton finds himself in. His brewpub opens Friday September 1 at 1518 E High Street, but, thanks to licensing delays, it could be another month before his own beer is ready. So, for the time being, Fulton is filling the brewpub’s tap lines with some of his favorite beers.

Beer-lovers are understandably eager to sample the latest creations of a brewer as skilled as Fulton. But, these should do just fine in the meantime:

Bingo LagerBingo Beer Co.
Dunkel LagerVon Trapp Brewing
LunchMaine Beer Company
PeeperMaine Beer Company
Oktoberfest MarzenPaulaner Brewery
Passionfruit MosaicPotter’s Craft Cider