Virginia Pairing: Ballerino Cheese with Spirit Lab Distilling Brandy

Local food with local drink. It’s a time-tested approach to pairing.

In Burgundy, they enjoy the pungent local cheese Époisses with local brandy Marc de Bourgogne. Here in Central Virginia, we enjoy the pungent local cheese Hopscotch with local brandy Esprit Joyeux.

At Staunton’s Ballerino Creamery, Louella Hill takes milk from nearby Ambler Family Farm and turns it into world-class cheese. At Charlottesville’s Spirit Lab Stilling, Ivar Aass collaborates with Joy Ting to take grapes from nearby Barren Ridge Vineyards and turns it into brandy barreled in Virginia oak. Throw in some local bread from Cou Cou Rachou, and you’ve got one delicious Central Virginia meal.