Pop-up Dinner with Chef Donnie Glass


Former Public Fish & Oyster Chef Donnie Glass broke Charlottesville hearts last year when he left town for a job in Martha’s Vineyard. Now he’s back, working on a new project with serial restaurateur Andy McClure (Tavern & GroceryCitizen Burger Bar, Citizen Bowl ShopThe Virginian, and The Biltmore). The restaurant is planned for Richmond, but the first taste of it will be here in Charlottesville at next weekend’s pop-up preview of Bouchon Tallulah.

What’s a Bouchon? “Bouchons are all about crispy pig parts, oysters, carafes of Beaujolais, the tradition of very hands-on ownership, daily menus written around what’s abundant, neighborly banter, and the buzz of a busy, small, noisy restaurant,” says Glass. “I love those things. I crave those things like a drug.”

The pop-up dinners are Friday and Saturday, September 22-23, at Citizen Bowl Shop, on the Downtown Mall, and will feature a tasting menu of Glass’s Lyonnaise-Virginian cuisine. Email bouchontallulah@gmail.com for reservations.