Two for Tuesday: Brookville and Wolf Creek Farm

1)  Mom’s Favorite at Brookville.  The lunch menu at Brookville, introduced today, does not leave much choice.  Sure, many options sound delicious, like a corned beef sandwich and slow-roasted duck buns.  But, if “Mom’s Favorite” is on the menu, who in their right mind is going to turn it down?  House roast beef and  slices of beautiful local tomatoes are piled high on grilled fresh bread, slathered with Duke’s mayo.  Mom knows best.  If we have ever had a better roast beef sandwich in Charlottesville, we’ve forgotten it.

Food 250

2)  Bulgogi from Wolf Creek Farm at City Market.  Grass-fed natural beef, seasoned by a Korean woman who knows what she’s doing, Mihye Whiteside.  Take it home and cook it for just seconds on a hot griddle.  Then, you can do as she recommends and enjoy it wrapped in lettuce leaves.  Or, do as we do, and try it on an indulgent sandwich on a roll from Albemarle Baking Co., topped with a fried egg.  Either way, it’s a seriously delicious, easy, local meal.

Picture 218