Two for Tuesday

Today we begin a weekly feature called Two for Tuesday – two favorite local food items.  We start with two sandwiches.

1)  Loukaniko Greek Sausage sandwich on the lunch menu at Orzo.   They start with their own loukaniko pork sausage, redolent of orange peel and herbs.  They add feta cheese and ouzo aioli, and pile it all on a grilled baguette from Albemarle Baking Company.  The result is fantastic, but we strongly recommend pairing it with a glass of red wine (or two).  You’ll welcome the acid to cut through the richness of the pork fat and sheep’s milk cheese.  The sandwich is not on the dinner menu, but the sausage does appear there in a bowl of mussels with similar ingredients, all the way down to the grilled baguette.

2)  Crispy Rock Shrimp sandwich at The Box.  Pei Chang, executive chef at Ten, has recently become a part owner in The Box, and has revamped the menu.  Think Vietnamese noodle bowls and riffs on Banh Mi sandwiches.  While we have yet to have a bad sandwich there, our favorite may be the Crispy Rock Shrimp.  They add a touch of cayenne and yuzu, in addition to The Box’s standard sandwich toppings of pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber, jalapenos, and spicy mayo.  We can think of few better reasons to part with six bucks.