Why Brookville?

Forrest Gump might say that eating at Brookville is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get.

Chef Harrison Keevil is so committed to local sourcing that his menu changes almost every day, depending on what’s available.  Keevil, who owns Brookville with his wife Jennifer, says that more than 90% of his ingredients are local.  This is an exciting way to cook, and an exciting way to eat.  Not every chef could pull it off, but Keevil is passionate and well-trained, having graduated from the French Culinary Institute and trained at The Clifton Inn and The Fat Duck.

Depsite the frequent menu changes, there are a few stalwarts, particularly sandwiches. Keevil says that sandwiches are his “desert island food,” and it shows.  At brunch, there is a following for his enormous BFP’s (Big . . . er, Fluffy . . . Pancakes).  And, dinner showcases Keevil’s love of food without boundary.  Some of the best wings in the area share menu space with more sophisticated cuisine.  Not quite a gastropub, nor French bistro, nor New American restaurant, Brookville is just a flat out good place to eat.

What to Order

The menu changes so often that it’s difficult to name favorites.  But, in our many meals at Brookville, a few dishes stand out.  Also below are Keevil’s own favorites, as well as appearances in Five Finds on Friday, where other area chefs and personalities have named a Brookville dish one of the best in town.

Our Picks

  • Chicken Wings
  • “Mom’s Favorite” Sandwich
  • Chicken ‘n Waffle
  • Lamb Bolognese
  • Vegetable Ragout (though known for his use of bacon in almost anything, Keevil has a particularly deft touch with vegetables)

Chef’s Picks

  • Chicken ‘n Waffle
  • Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Pork Belly Dishes
  • Zuchinni Short Stack
  • Bacon-wrapped, Cheese-stuffed Banana Pepper

Five Finds on Friday Picks