Pachamama Peru Shines at IX Art Park’s Weekly International Food Court

“Sorry, it may take a few minutes. I’ll have to pull the pork.”

A good sign.

Next, Pachamama Peru’s Julio Quispe removed foil wrapping his smoked Wandering River Farm pork shoulder and, with his hands, began to pluck off bite-sized pieces. Sure, the pork was delicious, but the hot sauce he served with it may have stolen the show. Quispe emulsifies rocoto peppers by blending them with queso fresco. With the heat and fruit of the peppers, the result is a creamy sauce that seems made for the a rich cut like pork shoulder.

Thursday evenings, IX Art Park is the place to be. At the weekly Autumn Nights Multi-Culture Market, Pachamama Peru joins other trucks and stands in what has become an international food court. There’s Peruvian, Filipino, Japanese, Afghan, and more. Besides pulled pork, 2020 Best Food Truck finalist also serves Peruvian classics like lomo saltado and world-class empanadas with a variety of locally-sourced fillings. Take a few empanadas for dinner and a half-dozen more for the freezer.