Support Mental Health, Win Epic Gelato

gelatoSupport mental health, win epic gelato.

For the past several weeks, Splendora’s Gelato‘s “Love Letters to Charlottesville” have been weekly flights of six flavors created by owner PK Ross in homage to some of her favorite local artisans. Week one of the love letters, for example, included the following flavors, as described by Ross:

Chili lime sorbet: a collab with Chimm

Bodo’s everything bagel gelato: “They’re an institution for a reason, and a flight celebrating Charlottesville wouldn’t be complete without them.”

Buttermilk + honey gelato: Collab with Prime 109 for a dinner highlighting The Elysium Honey Company. “I miss the talented brains in P109’s kitchen. Diego and Carrie of Elysium knock me out of my socks with their food knowledge and stewardship of the land.”

Olive oil + parmesan gelato: “Lampo has asked me to do some wackadoodle flavors and I’m grateful for their faces.”

Chipotle vanilla with coffee-soaked cherries gelato: “Dustin at C & O Restaurant once used a gelato as a drink inspiration, so I took one of his drinks and turned it into gelato (leaving out the bourbon though).”

Fancy Leather Couch gelato: “A riff based on a drink at The Alley Light. Hands down my favorite seat of a Sunday is that bar. The flavor is whisky with earl grey, allspice, and a touch of lemon zest.”

Now, you can win all four installments of Splendora’s Love Letters to Charlottesville. And, all you have to do is support local mental health initiatives – a cause Ross says needs more attention. “Mental health struggles in the food and hospitality industry are very real and very rarely discussed,” said Ross. “We deal in making people happy, and facilitate celebrations. No one wants to know when we’re sadsacks, but, as it turns out, food service industry workers are still humans, and it’s important to address our mental health needs.”

To win a chance to enjoy the entire series of Love Letters to Charlottesville, just make a donation of any size to any of the following: The Women’s Initiative, On Our Own Charlottesville, Charlottesville Free Clinic, or Charlottesville Area Harm Reduction. Email your receipt to, and you will be entered in a random drawing to be held on August 30, the last day of Splendora’s downtown mall location.