Introducing “The Corner”

by Charlottesville29


Is The Corner underappreciated?

Some might find this an odd question to ask about the longtime favorite gathering spot for The University of Virginia community that is even the subject of an entire book.  Isn’t it always packed?

But, consider the words of a man who owns two Corner legends, Andy McClure, of The Virginian and The Biltmore:

“I think The Corner is the most underappreciated, undervalued area of the city. You’re talking about a historic district that goes back further than any district we have . . .  I think we have a style that is historic and quaint and fun and inviting, and I think people discount it because there happen to be a lot of young people around at 11 at night.”

So, is The Corner underappreciated?

If it is, a case could be made that we at The Charlottesville 29 are complicit.  Aside from a branch of Bodo’s, not a single Corner restaurant has been entered into The Charlottesville 29.  And, only a few times has a Corner restaurant appeared in Five Finds on Friday.

So, in case we might be guilty of not giving the Corner its due, we have teamed up with members of The University of Virginia community to atone.  Over the next several weeks, students of UVa professor Jane Friedman’s Digital Media and Publishing class will present a series called simply The Corner.

Each semester Friedman connects groups of her students with local digital media projects for real world experience, and we are delighted to welcome a group of her students to The Charlottesville 29.  Starting next week and running through November, their series will feature weekly behind-the-scenes profiles of Corner restaurants, as well as “Two for Tuesdays,” where prominent members of the UVa community will reveal their favorite Corner eats each week.

Now, let’s get to appreciating.  Wahoowa.