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If there were just 29 restaurants in Charlottesville, what would be the ideal 29?

Five Finds on Friday: Emily Holter


On Fridays, we feature five foods finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Emily Holter, of Sweethaus, the Charlottesville cupcake cafe that is poised to open a second location in Brooklyn.  Holter’s picks:

1)  Wings and Nachos on football Sundays at Wild Wing Cafe.  “Doesn’t get much better than throwing on a jersey and hunkering down for a game at WWC. I’m such a sucker for nachos. Different types of cheeses, fresh salsa, sour cream, seasoned beef, texture explosion! Always solid and delicious. And there’s a reason the wings are so revered; the sauces are creative and complex all the while really tasty.”

2)  Fleur de Sel Caramels from La Vache Microcreamery.  “You have never tried a fleur de sel caramel proper until you’ve tried these small-batch artisan classics from La Vache. A crazy-good concoction of my favorite ingredients: butter, salt, sugar. Stephanie has nailed it!”

3)  The Local Burger at The Local.  “I’m a burger girl. Nothing more satisfying than that first juicy bite of a beautifully executed burger. Caramelized onion, always crispy apple-smoked bacon, swiss cheese. Medium-rare all the way. The best.”

4)  Farmhouse Dry Cider on draught from Potter’s Craft Cider.  “I met these guys years ago while working at Whole Foods buying wine and beer just as they were starting out. They’ve got me hooked! Farmhouse dry, especially on draft, smells like fruit and almost tastes like champagne upon first sip. Tart, dry, and insanely crisp. Excellent any time of year, and effervescent to the max!”

5)  Longaniza anything at El Tepeyac.  “This house-made Mexican sausage is the real deal. The rich notes of smoke and a slight sweetness give way to a beautifully balanced kick at the end. Sometimes its great in a burrito with chunky jalepenos and fresh avocado, other times it’s delicious enveloped in a cheese quesadilla. Yum!”

Changes at Parallel 38


There are changes brewing at Parallel 38, the Stonefield restaurant that was recently named C-VILLE’s Best New Restaurant, among much other acclaim.  And, unless you happen to be a lunch regular, it’s all good news.

Starting November 4 (Election Day!), Parallel 38 will discontinue weekday lunch service to shift the restaurant’s focus exclusively to dinner and happy hour, with several improvements in the works.  For one, there’s a new “Skewered” menu, with options like lamb leg with harissa, chicken breast with feta yogurt, and boer bok ground goat with tzatziki — all served with naan.  And, fans of the restaurant’s addictive spreads like labneh and htipiti will have a new option, too: melitizano, with eggplant, garlic, and red onion.

Behind the bar, Parallel 38 is now aging cocktails in the restaurant’s own barrels.  “Barrel aging cocktails softens harsh edges and adds layers of flavor,” said owner Justin Ross, who once was the Beverage Director for Jose Andres’ Zaytinya, in Washington D.C..  There is a Boulevardier, with James E. Pepper Rye, Campari, Dolin Blanc, and grapefruit bitters.  And, a Manhattan, with Wasmunds Silver Rye, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, Amaro, and lavender bitters.

New hours, beginning Election Day, below.  Change is good.

Saturday & Sunday 11am – 3pm

Happy Hour:
TuesdayFriday 4pm – 6pm

Tuesday & Wednesday 4pm – 10pm
Thursday & Friday 4pm – 11pm
Saturday 3pm – 11pm
Sunday 3pm – 10pm

Introducing “The Corner”


Is The Corner underappreciated?

Some might find this an odd question to ask about the longtime favorite gathering spot for The University of Virginia community that is even the subject of an entire book.  Isn’t it always packed?

But, consider the words of a man who owns two Corner legends, Andy McClure, of The Virginian and The Biltmore:

“I think The Corner is the most underappreciated, undervalued area of the city. You’re talking about a historic district that goes back further than any district we have . . .  I think we have a style that is historic and quaint and fun and inviting, and I think people discount it because there happen to be a lot of young people around at 11 at night.”

So, is The Corner underappreciated?

If it is, a case could be made that we at The Charlottesville 29 are complicit.  Aside from a branch of Bodo’s, not a single Corner restaurant has been entered into The Charlottesville 29.  And, only a few times has a Corner restaurant appeared in Five Finds on Friday.

So, in case we might be guilty of not giving the Corner its due, we have teamed up with members of The University of Virginia community to atone.  Over the next several weeks, students of UVa professor Jane Friedman’s Digital Media and Publishing class will present a series called simply The Corner.

Each semester Friedman connects groups of her students with local digital media projects for real world experience, and we are delighted to welcome a group of her students to The Charlottesville 29.  Starting next week and running through November, their series will feature weekly behind-the-scenes profiles of Corner restaurants, as well as “Two for Tuesdays,” where prominent members of the UVa community will reveal their favorite Corner eats each week.

Now, let’s get to appreciating.  Wahoowa.




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